Friday, December 26, 2008

Direct Link to "Best Christmas Eve Ever"

Hello Everyone!
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas/Hanukkah/Yule with your loved ones. I had a nice peaceful one at home surrounded by my pets who showered me with undivided attention and love!

Thank you so much to those who have ordered my new story through Erotique and given me such positive feedback. You have no idea how much your support means to me.

I have been able to access a direct link to order my story so you don't have to go through so many steps to do it. All you have to do is click on the link below and it will take you right to the page to make your order.

Much love,
Lanna St. Claire

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Naughty or Nice?

Whether you've been a good girl--or a deliciously bad one--I can guarantee that something in our new holiday lineup of short stories will light your fires this season. Whether you're dreaming of an interracial love story with a strong heroine, imagining the big package you want to recieve at a holiday toy party, or envisioning Santa sliding down YOUR chimney, Erotique Press has the perfect story for you! Download one (or all three!), and get ready to fog up your frosted window panes!

Keep an eye out for the next set of sexy releases to start your new year right.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sexy Santas

Merry Christmas to all
from Cat Lovington

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Best Christmas Eve Ever is now available

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope that this holiday season finds you surrounded by love and everything you desire. I wanted to send out a quick notice to let you know that "The Best Christmas Eve Ever" is now available on erotique press. The cost is $2.50 to download the story and you can easily do it from a link on the website. There are a few options to make it easy for you.

Thank you again to my wonderful friends who have supported me and given me more encouragement than I ever dreamed through this process. My life is filled with love and dreams come true because of you!

To access "The Best Christmas Eve Ever" go to:

From my heart to yours,
Lanna St. Claire

Friday, December 19, 2008

Comparison and Contrast: Music and Writing

What is Music Anyway? What is Writing Anyway?

In the Intellectual Devotional by David S Kidder & Noah D Oppenheim we are given a lot of food for thought. One thing they say is that Music has a pattern where noise only has sound. I’m afraid that could define Heavy Metal for me. Noise, loud and busy that has no rhyme or reason for being. Sorry Heavy Metal fans, it just doesn’t translate for me.

Kidder and Oppenheim say the basics of music compared to noise have to do with
Pitch —How high or low a sound is to the ear;
Scale—a stepwise arrangement of pitches;
Key—which is an arrangement or system of pitches usually based on one of the major or minor scales.

Simple isn’t it? The Ghost Music of Vaudeville by Billie A Williams as a mystery has a similar basic set up. Pitch: how intense (high) or relaxed (low) the action
Scale: an arrangement of pitches that take us from each paragraph with a beginning, middle and end, to each chapter with its beginning, middle and end; to the book as a whole with a beginning, middle and end.
Key: That is a little harder, but I think of it as all the system of pitches – the paragraph, page, chapter, and book according to one of the Major (genre) or Minor (sub-genre) scales –genre and sub-genres of the mystery from cozy, procedural, true crime, or hard boiled. Dark Thunder is the edgy counter part of mystery/suspense. It has the same type of connection to pitch, scale, and key though.

Therefore, everything in writing the mystery/suspense can be reduced or elevated to its musical counter part. Our culture influences our pitch, scale, and keys whether that is in writing or in music. Extremes may abound even while the rules are followed. For instance music in India compared to the music here in the west such as opera, rock, country. Or, compare the Native American Drum, to the drum of modern rock – they are nowhere in the same playing field – the Native American Drum is spiritual, the rock drum is entertainment. Both, however, are entertainment and in some circles could be called spiritual.

Music and writing are both creative processes. Whether we use pitch, scale, and key or whether we use some other method to join the parts into a complete whole – they compliment each other, and I believe they embody each other.

It is said that we each “march to our different drummer,” and I believe that is as true in creating fiction as it is in creating music.

Sing Loudly, Write Like The Wind and enjoy the rhythm you create.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Bridget Midway's Midway Lowdown newsletter now posted!

Find out what fan favorite is now in print and available on What's the new toy this month from Bridget's sex shop? And read an exclusive excerpt from Corporate Needs, the third book in the Corporate series! To read the newsletter, join the group at This is not a chatters list.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Looking for an Appropriate Gift?

You have to admit these are perfect gifts - Books that is - The printed word will never go out of style for any gift giving reason.

Two pertinent lists from Jessica James, author of Shades of Gray, posted on Amazon:

Top Five Reasons Why Guys Should Give Books as Gifts

5: She can't connect with a new sweater like she can with a book.
4: Hey guys, they're easy to wrap!
3: They come in all sizes, shapes and colors--what could be easier?
2: It's cheaper than a romantic getaway but can produce the same result.
1: Books are gifts of love and joy--and can create everlasting memories.

Top Five Reasons Why Girls Should Give Books as Gifts:

5: They're easy to store--on coffeetables, bookshelves, nightstands or countertops.
4: They never go bad no matter how long they're stored--and they can be used quickly or savored over time.
3: Books can teach, educate, entertain--and distract him from football.
2: It's a small investment that can return dividends for life.
1: Books are the perfect gift of enjoyment that don't require him to leave his chair.

[Thanks to Traci A. Lower.]

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Teh Best Christmas Eve Ever


I wanted to share with everyone the cover art for "The Best Christmas Eve Ever". I was so excited to see it finished! It's very sexy and fun and does a good job of presenting the "mood" of the story. We are finishing everything up and it will be available very soon on erotique. This could be a nice little "stocking stuffer" for friends, family and anyone else you might want to send a fun little "hint" to. I hope you have as much fun reading it as I did writing it!

Here is the the "teaser" on the back cover.....

When Kristina accepted an invitation from her best friend Andrea to attend a “Tickle My Heart” party on Christmas Eve…she had no idea what she was in for. Never in her wildest dreams had she ever expected to see one of Santa’s helpers wrapped up in such a gorgeous package of a man. Christmas Eve would never be the same!

Here's to a VERY Happy Holiday!
Lanna St. Claire

Monday, December 1, 2008

Goodbye Turkey, Hello Chocolate!!

Now that Turkey Day is over can we please get back to chocolate?!

There is a product sold to warm in the microwave for dipping strawberries, etc.

Well... if you take that (not too hot please) and spread it on your breasts, it makes a chocolate bra that can be eaten off in nice crunchy pieces. It's not at all sticky and messy like body paint. This firms up and is yummy! Neat!

Lois Bonde

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanks for the Memories

I hope you all enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday. As usual, the delicious aroma of roasting turkey wafting through the house took me back to the innocent days of my youth and the amazing sex education I received at my uncle’s knee.

Wait a minute, that doesn’t sound quite right. It’s not as if Uncle Bart intentionally provided me with an education a French courtesan might envy, he had no idea that I made a habit of hiding unnoticed under the huge dining room table after Thanksgiving dinner, eavesdropping shamelessly as he regaled the sophisticated, adult family members and assorted worldly guests with tales of his international adventures and misadventures of kinkiest kind. Apparently, being a sailor, then eventually graduating to captain of a freighter that sailed the seven seas, had opened the lust filled doors of golden opportunity for him to explore a wide variety of global sexual mores.

Listening to Uncle Bart’s red-blooded escapades was akin to taking a crash course in sexual sociology. No wonder this educational holiday tradition was carried over for many years. If memory serves me right, the enthralled diners remained rapt throughout the entire dissertation, often encouraging Uncle Bart to exceed the boundaries of good taste by indulging them with his bold narratives that sounded more like erotic fantasy than fact.

Uncle Bart’s overt masculinity, well-favored looks, and his superb ability to tell a story were surly a gift from the gods. Like a sorcerer, he captivated his audience with words and images spun from the most colorful strands of pure erotica that held them fast. Other than witnessing my older cousin, Freddie, stroking the protuberance jutting from the front of his corduroy trousers and Aunt Emily’s constant squirming, from where I sat under the table it was difficult to tell if the stories caused anyone to be disturbed or embarrassed. It didn’t embarrass me because at the time I had no idea what in the world he was talking about.

But, apparently, for some reason that I can’t even begin to explain, his stories of passion, lust and exotic debaucheries were indelibly printed on the cortex that influenced my long-term-memory. Try as I might, I could not erase the sexually graphic images his tales conjured up. According to Uncle Bart, he had done it all and was more than willing to share his extraordinary knowledge of foreign promiscuity and vigorously passionate affairs.

The elocution of Uncle Bart’s prose was so descriptive, to this very day, I can’t hear the word fellatio with out conjuring up the image of full, red lips gliding over an impressive penis that stands at attention like a wooden soldier, illuminated only by the flickering flames from an earthen hearth somewhere near the coast of Somalia.

Perhaps, if you’d like, I’ll share some of Uncle Bart’s darkest secrets and indiscretions, which may be built on a foundation of truth or steeped in unbridled creativity, lies and innuendo. I am, after all, a writer of erotic fiction.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Santa's Coming

Hi Happy Readers,

The holidays will soon be upon us and to make the season all the merrier, Santa's Coming. This was such a fun story to write, I truly hope you all enjoy reading it.

Be patient, Santa's Coming very soon.

Have a Purrrfect holiday . . . Cat Lovington

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Prolific Writers - Are You One?

So you think you write a lot — How many books have you written? As a reader, how many books do you read a month?

Barbara Cartland, who my college Women’s Lit Instructor disliked intensely, wrote a stunning 723 books and made the Guinness Book of World Records for her efforts. She wrote a novel in one or two weeks. The critics say she actually didn’t write them she dictated them to her secretaries and they typed them up. I beg to differ with them. It was her creative genius that dreamt them up in the first place. If she hadn’t dictated them would each of her secretaries have written a best seller and had them published?

I take issue with the big name authors who have an understudy of sorts write from their outline and create a book for the named author. I see James Patterson and a few others are finally listing those as co-authors on the covers of their books. But now does that make them author of those books or the co-author? Who gets to count coup – will Patterson have 300 books because of their efforts or will he let them count those as their own?

Isaac Asimov wrote over 200 books, by himself – he then, in my humble opinion, especially with all the special issues Sci Fi authors face, was a prolific writer.

Georges Simenon wrote 400 books each book took him eleven straight days of writing. I’m sure he took food breaks and a nap break here and there – but that’s profound. Imagine fellow NaNoWriMo authors if you could write a novel in 30 days, why not one in eleven days?
How many words a day would that be? Approximately 4,500 words a day. Hey you could do that couldn’t you? {smile}

So write like the wind, read like a Tsunami and perhaps you will earn a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for your effort. After NaNoWriMo I’m sure many of you are thinking you deserve at least that commendation. I am proud of those of you who tried, even if you didn’t finish. And I am doubly proud of those who did – included in that my own daughter who finished her novel at just under 54,000 words ahead of the deadline. GO BECKIE!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

When an Author Looks Back

The books we wrote before may color our opinions of our younger self - or -

When an author re-reads something they have written long ago it’s sometimes very disconcerting, at least I thought so. I thought I was the only one who looked at my once written, even once published books and thought, oh my good gracious how could I have let that go as a publishable piece? I don’t feel so bad any more after reading this from Aldous Huxley (Brave New World 1932 among other novels) This was in the revised/republished 1946 edition of Brave New World. “…Chronic remorse, as all the moralists are agreed, is a most undesirable sentiment….”

He goes on more eloquently but it boils down to what we both feel after pouring over the short comings of a novel written at a younger more inexperienced time in an attempt to patch a faulty piece into a perfect masterpiece. That particular piece having missed that mark the first time around—should be repaired to a place where growth had taken me. To spend time trying to mend the artistic sins committed by that different person, the person I was then—is surely vain and futile. Its defect may be part of its charm.

I could rewrite the whole book as an older, perhaps wiser, other person. What might happen then though is I probably would get rid not only of some of the faults of the story, but also rid it of some of its merits as it originally possessed them.

So, resisting the temptation to wallow in artistic remorse, I leave well and ill alone and move on to ‘next’ with what I have learned and am able to create in my next novel, with much thanks to Aldous Huxley for making me feel less alone and imperfect.

Cricket Sawyer

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Exercise: The Reluctant I

In the picture my Mom is in the forefront, my Aunt Lois is pointing to the cake. Mom's birthday, but they shared the same birthday two years apart.

I sat there listening to her always with the phrases for everything. A quote, a song title, a bible verse, pulled as if from a small box in her mind. This time it was essential that her directive be avoided (not that it was known then.)

"Brags a good bargain, but hold on is a lot better," she said.

"Then how do you propose a writer will sell his/her work? No one can promote what another has written as well as the author. It's his/her baby, birthed with no fewer labor pains than the birth of a human infant. It seems weird to internalize that phrase and know now that one size, or in this case, one phrase, does not fit all.

Years after her death her phrases pop up as rules of life. Life is not a box of little ticker tape answers to every questions, though a lot of those do strike home with a ring of truth. Following, hanging on her every word helped to raise a lemming, a self-conscious, fearful individual with a couple dozen successes that many have never had, and yet that success feels like an embarrassment. It shouldn't.

Not all her phrases affected life that same way. Expressing the way her grandfather began a story - a phrase she repeated often, began a story created for my only Young Adult Historical novel. Watch For the Raven was born from her phrase, "When Tag was a pup, and turkey's chewed tobaccy."
Her phrases in all fairness did guide and still do.

We stood, the five of us, at her coffin during her wake, the final time we were able to talk with her and reminisced those phrases and funny fax paus she emotionally rendered throughout our growing years. "I'll slap my face against the back of your hand," was meant to be an admonition to my brother for inappropriate actions and words that we no longer remembered. We did remember watching our dad try to repress the laughter lighting up his mahogany eyes, the twitch in his lips that threatened to curve in a smile. Five faces suppressed the laughter only until she caught her mis-spoken words.

Laughter, hearty and long, followed as the tension in the room dissolved in fits of laughter, as it was as we swayed, arm-in-arm, remembering--the good, the bad and the hilarious--

And now alone, I think of perhaps the only wrong phrase, at least for me, that she ever insisted was law. Perhaps, she was right, but never for her daughter, the multi-published, award-winning author who needs to promote herself to sell her books. What would she say knowing about the Erotic Romantic Suspense titles written by me?

Perhaps there is a way to brag without boasting, is that what she meant? Be proud but not too proud? Be verbal, interesting, social, outgoing, be discovered by your talent, not what you say on your own behalf. If only it was possible to ask her for clarification, if only she had lingered as long as her phrases have. If only she had stayed until I had my first book published--then maybe it would have been different. Maybe then she would have said,"You deserve to be proud and brag," perhaps...
(This post sprung from an exercise in the book The 3 A.M. Epiphany. The use of I was permitted but only twice and it had to be a first person narrative.)

Saturday, November 15, 2008



I am new to this name is Lanna St. Claire. I am very excited to have the opportunity to join this community!

I have a blog spot of my own called Lanna's Amorous Musings at I invite everyone to come take a look at it.
Please feel free to leave a comment or contact me directly at

I look forward to hearing from everyone!
Lanna St. Claire

Friday, November 14, 2008

A Book is...

Lasts longer than a fruitcake, is cheaper than a flat screen monitor or television and more fun than a partridge in a pear tree. So why not give some one an exciting romp through the pages of a well written romantic suspense like -- well perhaps -- If I may...Dark Thunder by Cricket Sawyer ISBN 1-59080-597-6 or 978-1-59080-597-8 - available wherever they sell good books.
Published by Erotique Press. {smile}
You can also visit
if you're interested in some free reads and more.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Bridget Midway's Midway Lowdown newsletter now posted!

I said what in that interview? Bridget Midway has a contest going on now? Wait! What books are no longer going to be offered soon? For answers to these questions and more, join my newsletter group at

This is not a chatters list.


Monday, November 3, 2008

Holiday Romance

What holidays spring to mind when thinking of romance? Valentine's Day? Of course. New Year's Eve? Sure. Anniversaries? Absolutely.

I contend, however, that romance doesn't have to be limited to these days of the year. In the flurry of time that elapses between Halloween and taking down the Christmas tree, there are so many opportunities to take time to be romantic with your partner.

Take our next upcoming holiday, for example. Thanksgiving can be a wonderful time set for romance. How, you might ask, is that possible when the in-laws are coming for dinner and you have a pasty white 12-pound frozen bird carcass that somehow has to come out looking like a Norman Rockwell painting?

I think the trick here is just making time for each other. And yes, it can be done! Try some of these things.

1. Plan a simple breakfast in bed for Thanksgiving morning. A fruit parfait, croissants, and maybe a mimosa might make a simple breakfast for two enticing, or at least give you an excuse to stay in bed a bit longer!

2. Plan dessert for after the company leaves. Share a bit of pumpkin pie and LOTS of whipped cream (you decide where it goes!)

3. Forget all the hustle and bustle of the holiday. Go away for a long weekend. Trust will enjoy the time together more than leftover turkey sandwiches!

At the very least, light some candles and curl up on the sofa to unwind a bit. You, and your very special relationship, deserve some attention!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Check out a new Bridget Midway interview!

Genesis Press author Andrea Jackson interviewed me on her blog! Check it out!


Don't Wait For Your Ship to Come in Swim out to it!

In my morning reading today I came across this quote by Jonathan Winters: "If your ship doesn't come in, swim out to meet it."
There was another a day or too earlier that said something, "Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle." Abraham Lincoln.

In other words, the only thing that will create success, or create that book you've been waiting to write, or create some other printed words you dream to have written, is ACTION. There is no way around it if you don't put your butt in a chair and write - you will never publish a word. You need to banish all fear of failing, of making a mistake -- mistakes are the lessons of life.

This Frank and Ernest cartoon strip says it all. Frank is at the counter at an employment office he has a long long sheet of paper he is apparently reading from to the guy who is taking his application. The caption says--"I don't have any formal education so I brought you a list of the mistakes I've learned from."

Feel the fear and do it anyway is almost a buzz word nowadays, but it's absolute truth. Do not be afraid of mistakes, no one is perfect. Perfectionism will stall you in your tracks. Not that you should adopt a careless, reckless, not-give-a-darn attitude. You should do the best that you can do with what you have at this very moment and let the rest happen.

"You can never learn less; you can only learn more. The reason I know so much is because I have made so many mistakes," says Buckminster Fuller (a mathematician and philosopher who never graduated from college but received 46 honorary doctorates.

Write Like The Wind
Dark Thunder -
Erotique Press
ISBN 1-59080-597-6
see the video trailer at

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Halloween, dating, and the combination of the two

As I sat talking with my girl friend, I’ll call her Wren, we chatted happily about Halloween and perhaps a bit cynically about dating and romance. I told her about the story idea I had for writing a paranormal romance story. Soon, Wren and I were engaged in a conversation about this topic, and thus started my list of the top five perils of dating the undead and other creatures of the night.

5. YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO PAY. When we hear stories about Frankenstein’s monster, Dracula, and ghosts, they are sometimes sexy, and they are always mysterious. But when was the last time you heard about any of these guys holding a job? As far as I know, they had a limited skill set and kept odd hours, so there are probably few opportunities. No job, no money. So guess who will always have to pick up the tab when you go out to dinner?

4. BAD BREATH. Zombies have cravings for brains, werewolves lust for fresh meat, and vampires’ thirst for blood. I don’t associate these things with fresh, minty breath. I have never seen a movie where one of these folks stopped to brush, floss, and gargle. Perhaps they should add fresh parsley, peppermint, and ginger to their diet for some natural freshening. Otherwise, you should keep a tin of Altoids in your purse.

3. THEY ARE UNRELIABLE. Think about the stories you’ve heard. Werewolves appear only during the full moon, vampires appear when they need to feed, and ghosts appear during hauntings. Where will they be when you have a holiday dinner or wedding to attend? When will you know when to expect them to pick you up to go dancing? Who will you be able to talk to when you’ve had a bad day at the office? (PS-Ghosts have no pockets for cell phones, so you can forget chatting and text messaging!).

2. IT IS NO GOOD WHEN THEY WANT TO EAT…ER…MEET YOUR FAMILY. Relationships have a natural progression. You meet, you go on a date. You date, then you get into a relationship. Once you are in a serious relationship, you meet each others’ families. You could never be sure of your werewolf, zombie, or vampire boyfriend’s motives for meeting your family. Are they happily involved with you and can’t wait to get to know the important people in your life, or are they searching for their next meal?

1. NO HEARTBEAT = NO BLOOD FLOW. Now, this sounds like not so much of a big deal, until you consider the necessity of blood flow and proper circulation for “things” to function properly. And ladies, they really do need to function properly. No amount of little blue pills will fix this problem. Trust me.

So perhaps this reduces the amount of hotties in the dating pool, but that is ok with me. I’d be happy to trade some of the romance associated with vampires in exchange for an average male with a heartbeat and a day job. It might not be so exciting, but I’ll always be sure that he is nibbling on my neck for the right reasons.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Red Shoes

Does anyone remember watching "Red Shoe Diaries"? - It was a Showtime series, starring David Duchovny as a sort of narrator, who was usually walking down railroad tracks with his dog. He had a letter in his hand, and he would begin by reading "Dear Red Shoes..." Following would be an erotic, short, sensual story often centering on a young woman's (or man's) sexual awakening or unrequited love. Mood music, nudity, sometimes a bit of humor. The show would end with another glimpse of Duchovny looking pensive at the outcome or fate of the story's protagonist.

What I find interesting about this bit of TV history is that Duchovny, who went on to star in the popular "X-Files" as an alien-UFO-ghost hunter, landed back in Showtime's "Californication", now in its second year on the tube. This program, which has been boycotted and criticized in some countries for its explicit nature, garnered Golden Globe nominations for both the show and Duchovny.

(Maybe there is nothing coincidental about Duchovny's return to the hot-and-bothered sect; in August, the actor checked himself into a rehab center for sex addiction!)

Still, those old (early 90's) episodes of Red Shoe remind me of some of the great short erotica being turned out by today's new legion of ebook authors! I know they've inspired me...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Impending Release

Hey, now. I didn't mean it that way.

Okay, maybe I did.

I'm really excited about the impending release of my next book, Carved in Stone. It's coincidentally coming out during hurricane season; a hurricane plays a fairly major role. The story is set on the Mississippi Gulf coast, where I spent a great deal of time when I was growing up in New Orleans. And the hurricane scenes drew on my experiences living through Betsy, many years ago.

I think it's interesting the way life goes in circles, or, more accurately, spirals (I'm an engineer -- there's a big difference between circles and spirals). I was the first Erotique Press author published (Rescued by Laura Rose is mine!) a few years back. Since that time, I've had quite a few books out from Echelon Press LLC, Five Star, Zumaya Publications, and now from Kensington and Silhouette, where I write as Lydia Parks. But Carved in Stone was only the second book I sold. (Don't worry, it has been much edited since then!) In a way, it feels like I'm coming home.

I hope you enjoy the story. I'll be giving away a signed copy on my Newsletter,
so feel free to sign up. The winner is drawn at random from the members.

I look forward to participating in the Allure of Passion blog. If you have questions, please ask! In case you don't know, we writers love to talk about our books and writing.


Want to get your name in lights?

This could be your chance. The EPPIEs - sponsored by EPIC is looking for the next great ebook - check out the contest - hurry time is drawing near to close.

Time Sensitive material:

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Categories are judged by volunteers, the largest percentage of which are members of EPIC, an organization consisting of electronically published authors and industry professionals. Guest judges, all of whom are either published authors or publishing professionals, are used only as deemed necessary by the EPPIE Chair/Committee.

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EPIC is also the proud sponsor of the QUASAR/ARIANA Awards for excellence in graphic cover art for eBooks.

For contest guidelines, please visit

Electronically Published Internet Connection
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9735 Country Meadows Lane 1D, Laurel, MD 20723
410-878-7113 (v) 410-988-2864 (f)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tornados, hurricanes, and Dark Thunder

Release Date: August 2008
Title: Dark Thunder
Author: Cricket Sawyer
ISBN: 978-1-59080-597-8 (1-59080-597-6)
Genre: Erotic Suspense (Erotiqué Press)
Pages: 228
Price: Price $12.99 US $14.99 CAN

This summer has been weather intense. Dark storm clouds on the horizon signify danger, the potential for intense storms. In a novel these same storm clouds signify danger of another sort. Dark Thunder is about more than just the noise of an impending storm. It is not a fluffy romance. It is a knife-edged tale of desperation, passion and yes, even perversion that strikes with lightening-like intensity at the heart of our comfort zone and reverberates across the fiber of our being thundering through the atmosphere of our status quo, ordered world.

Echelon Direct
Ingram Book Co.
Partner Book Dist.
Follett Library Services
Brodart Co.

Jumping from the frying pan and into the fire, Cyan regrets her move too late. When she trades a loveless marriage for lust and passion, she discovers that Derian, her dark-eyed prince, has turned into the prince of evil, manipulating and controlling.

The hypnotic control of his demon talents steal her heart and make her a slave to his blazing obsession and insatiable appetite for sex, but her willpower wilts under the heat of his lovemaking. Finally, after finding some balance, things once again turn chaotic when her friend, Derian's cousin, is murdered. The dark prince once again returns, and hell-bent on revenge, embarks on a manhunt, determined for justice, despite Cyan’s attempts to stop him. Where will the taste for vengeance end in a land where nothing is as it seems, and love isn’t enough to fulfill all the appetites of a raven warrior?

Cricket Sawyer has written several novels, many short stories, flash fiction, non-fiction articles, and won poetry contests for her erotic poetry. Her stories have been published in various e-zines and newsletters, both in print and online. Her favorite genres are Romance with an edge, a hint of paranormal, and lots of sizzling suspense. In her spare time she reads, writes, plays piano, gardens, knits, crochets, and quilts. For almost nine months out of the year she shovels the snow northern Wisconsin is usually buried under, a delight for snowmobilers and skiers. Living somewhere without the four seasons is unthinkable. She lives with her husband in the small village of Amberg where the winters are cold and long perfect for curling up in front of a fireplace with a good book, but the people are warm and friendly all year round.

Check it out - be careful though - it is intense.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First dates

I gave up dating for a while. A long while. So long, in fact, that I actually had to do math to figure out when the last date was. It was a little scary to me that I let that much time lapse.

It was even scarier when I was asked out on my first date in that long. But I accepted, despite my bout of nerves. And then I realized that my list of things to worry about had just grown exponentially. Solitude was easy: it was dating that was hard. So the night of the date, my thoughts raced.

* Is my outfit too slutty? Is it slutty enough?
* Do I shave my legs or not? Shaving them might seem eager to show them off...not shaving them is inviting the accidental touch under the table when he feels two days worth of stubble.
* Will he be fun, or should I have an escape plan...just in case?
* I met him when I had a few drinks with the girls. Will he still be cute without dim lighting and a vodka & cranberry?
* Does all the food on this menu have marinara sauce? Because my just-slutty-enough outfit is not red and will show EVERY lost droplet that falls off my noodles.

But once I met him, once he sat across from me at the restaurant, I forgot all those things. He was just one of those nice guys who would probably compliment me if I was wearing a potato sack, who would laugh with me if I spilled pasta down said potato sack, who would never try to play grab ass & could care less if I shaved my legs on the first date, and who acted just as pleasant and looked exactly the same as the night I met him.

I was comfortable taking a walk on a nature trail with him afterwards. He was smart in a quiet way, and once I found that out (and being the knowledge junkie that I am) I urged him to explain the grasses and weeds and flowers that bloomed wild along the trail. He told me about growing up on a farm, about places he traveled for work, about the weirdest kinds of foods he'd ever tried. And I think, perhaps, he was a bit nervous, too.

In an ideal world, we get flawless first dates that lead to a heated makeout session on the bench seat of his pickup...just like when we were teenagers. But I will embrace my nervous butterflies and the victory I feel after eating Italian food without dropping a single bit of marinara on myself. I'll be patient and hope that the hot makeout comes on a second date, the one where I actually do shave my legs and know that I won't want an escape route.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Bridget Midway's Midway Lowdown newsletter now posted!

Bridget in a BDSM club? What new segment in her newsletter did she start? And what beloved Bridget Midway novel will be available in print soon? All of those answers and more are in her Midway Lowdown newsletter. Be sure to join her newsletter group for exclusive excerpts, news, and book tour information. Plus, she's running a contest. A random group member is picked picked each month to win a special prize, anything from a free download to autographed books to gifts mailed to you!

This is strictly a newsletter group, not a chatters list.

Stay sexy,

Monday, August 25, 2008

I vote for chocolate covered ants with

perhaps oysters on the side? Well of all the things that are supposed to be edible - and good for you - and ahem! 'other' things I think chocolate is my best bet. Now Dark Thunder was released this month and I polled the characters -
Cyan said pepper is hot and it makes her hotter
Derian said anything that doesn't eat him first -- well he hedged on that he said sometimes eating him can be a good thing -- then he said he's game if any woman is.
Then in came Sharee - now there is a woman who prefers ceremony before anything - so even chocolate should be presented with ceremony and flair - .
Dark Thunder - that would be Derian -- you know what they are saying - well here try this on:
This summer has been weather intense. Dark storm clouds on the horizon signify danger, the potential for heavy storms. In a novel these same storm clouds signify danger of another sort. Dark Thunder is a knife-edged tale of desperation, passion and yes even perversion that strikes with lightening-like intensity at the heart of our comfort zone and reverberates across the fiber of our being, thundering through the atmosphere of our status quo, ordered world.
Pick up a copy and see what you would eat to satisfy your needs.

Hot or Not?

I would be willing to do quite a bit in the name of love. Or romance. Or, yes, passion. I would be willing to defy convention, put aside opinions, and open my mind up to whatever possibilities I might find before me. I think I'm open minded. But I have my limits, as I suppose we all do. So where do I draw the line?

Well, recently, I was doing a bit of research on aphrodisiacs. Some researchers believe that they are stimulants, while others chalk their reputations up to mere old wives tales. What was on the list?

There were a few old standbys, which we've all heard of. And yes, most of us are willing to try. I'd rank them as HOT.

1. Chocolate - Find me a woman who can resist chocolate. No scientific evidence needed here.
2. Strawberries - Sweet, tasty, and potentially a lot of fun, especially given the introduction of whipped cream.
3. Oysters - I don't eat them, but I've heard first-hand accounts of the effects.

So what is on my NOT list? What would I refuse to consume in the name of passion? Let me tell you.

1. Atta laevigata - A leaf-cutter ant found in South America. Known for their strong mandibles. The good news is that they are low in saturated fat.
2. Turtle eggs - Yeah. I'm sure they are delicacies in some countries, but I can't get past the image of the pets we used to keep as kids.
3. Spanish fly - First, it is a bug. Second, it can "cause painful urination, fever, and sometimes bloody discharge." I'm no expert, but those seem like mood killers.

Any surprises for me on the list? A few...

1. Kelp - I never thought of seaweed as sexy...but hey...mermaids are hot, right?
2. Chili peppers - They release endorphins. They make us feel good.
3. Pine nuts - Apparently, they are high in zinc, which helps male potency. So the story goes.

I guess the point isn't whether these are scientifically proven to help improve mood but whether or not we believe that they do. And if we think we're hot, ready, and willing...then I'm betting we are!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Bridget Midway's book signing events in Winston-Salem, NC

Please join me. I'll be doing a mini-book tour there.

Friday, September 5th
12 - 1:30 p.m. - Malloy/Jordan East Winston Heritage Center at 1110 E. 7th Street in Winston-Salem, NC 27101

3:00 - 4:30 p.m. - Carver School Road Library Branch at 4915 Lansing Road in Winston-Salem, NC 27105

7 - 9 p.m. - Body & Soul Bookstore at 545 N. Trade Street in Winston-Salem, NC 27101

Saturday, September 6th
2 p.m. - ?
Charlotte Library at 1230 Alleghany Street in Charlotte, NC 28208

At each event, I'll be doing a discussion on the publishing business, where I'm at in it, and where I see myself in the future, along with doing book signings and giveaways. I'll be signing both my Crystal B. Bright stuff and my Bridget Midway stuff including CORPORATE SEDUCTION and CORPORATE DESIRES, FASCINATION STREET and WHAT WHITE BOYZ WANT.

I hope I see you there!

Crystal / BridgeT

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Old-fashioned love in a high-tech world

I will be the first to admit that I am addicted to my iPod, I snap pictures constantly with my digital camera, and I had a virtual meltdown the day I left my cell phone at home. Gadgets and technology are a part of who I am these days. Like almost everyone else, I have a hectic lifestyle that is made infinitely easier by the use of technology. My main form of communication with friends is email, followed in a close second by cell phone calls and the miracle of text messaging. Although I’ve kicked my instant messaging habit, I still find pleasure of an occasional chat in my pajamas with 20 strangers in a room online.

But in a world where we never have to meet, where we can coexist by scarcely uttering a word to each other, I’m a sucker for old-fashioned romance.

Not that I haven’t met a beau or two on a personals website or in a chat room. In fact, they can be a great way for a single, working woman to connect with someone outside of going to a bar or concert…places too loud and impersonal to get to know someone.

But I can remember one instance in particular. I had been dating a wonderful, caring man that I had met through an online personal. We had been seeing each other off and on for a little more than a year. During that time, we emailed, we exchanged digital pictures when the mood struck us, and I called on my cell phone when I had a bit of time to chat.

Despite our high-tech relationship, one defining moment came at Christmas. It wasn’t the gift. It was more important. I can remember the way my heart caught in my throat when he gave me a card with a handwritten note inside it. I almost cried at the sentiment, written in his own beautifully manicured script. Me, an overbooked, laptop-toting professional with a slightly cynical side, choked up over a note. I carried the card with me long after the holiday was over, kept pristine inside my hard-cover journal to make sure it stayed neat, dry, and as precious as the moment I took it out of its envelope.

I guess I realized that it is those take-your-breath away moments where I find the most romance. Nothing compares to the heat of someone’s breath on your lips before you kiss. Or surge of excitement when they knock on your door after a too-long absence. Or the instant you realize you have been holding hands for a while, but you can’t seem to remember reaching for each other. Those are the moments I use to define romance. And in those moments, those moments where love reaches inside me and makes my heart ache from being so complete, so full, there isn’t a cell phone charger or modem in sight.

Monday, August 4, 2008


Jumping from the frying pan and into the fire, Cyan regrets her move too late. When she trades a loveless marriage for lust and passion, she discovers that Derian, her dark-eyed prince, has turned into the prince of evil, manipulating and controlling.

The hypnotic control of his demon talents steal her heart and make her a slave to his blazing obsession and insatiable appetite for sex, but her willpower wilts under the heat of his lovemaking.

Finally, after finding some balance, things once again turn chaotic when her friend, Derian's cousin, is murdered. The dark prince once again returns, and hell-bent on revenge, embarks on a manhunt, determined for justice, despite Cyan’s attempts to stop him. Where will the taste for vengeance end in a land where nothing is as it seems, and love isn’t enough to fulfill all the appetites of a raven warrior?

Cricket Sawyer has written several novels, many short stories, flash fiction, non-fiction articles, and won poetry contests for her erotic poetry. Her stories have been published in various e-zines and newsletters, both in print and online. Her favorite genres are Romance with an edge, a hint of paranormal, and lots of sizzling suspense.

In her spare time she reads, writes, play piano, gardens, knits, crochets, and quilts. For almost nine months out of the year she shovels the snow northern Wisconsin is usually buried under, a delight for snowmobilers and skiers. Living somewhere without the four seasons is unthinkable. She lives with her husband in the small village of Amberg where the winters are cold and long perfect for curling up in front of a fireplace with a good book, but the people are warm and friendly all year round.

Title: Dark Thunder
Author: Cricket Sawyer
ISBN: 978-1-59080-597-8
Genre: Erotic Suspense (Erotiqué Press)
Pages: 228
Price: $12.99 US $14.99 CAN

Retail Outlets:
Echelon Direct
All Romance eBooks

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bridget Midway's newsletter posted

What Bridget Midway title got 4 Stars from Romantic Times BOOK Reviews magazine? Which author made Bridget come up with a Top Ten list of why this author is so great? And what converted Bridget to becoming an M/M fan? Get those answers and an exclusive excerpt from Woman In Chains in her Midway Lowdown newsletter just posted! To read the newsletter, join the group at This is not a chatters list!

Stay sexy,

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kiss Me, Baby!

Who's got the most kissable mouth you can picture? The guy you never got to take to Prom? Your college sweetheart? Maybe, oh, Eric Bana?

How about your current lover? When your lips meet, do you still lose your breath? Get weak in the knees? Feel that delicious little tingle… down there? If not, don't lose heart. And don't trade in your current lover, at least not just for a slightly deficient lip lock. Just do what Angela does!

First of all, I always remember that a kiss should be the prelude to a celebration of passion. Hopefully, a noisy, rambunctious, nerve-jolting joining, but hey, sweet and loving is just as good. With that in mind, when I kiss, I focus my entire being in that simple action. Picture: our eyes meet, we move closer, and then our lips make that first contact. Oooh, soft. Warm. Sweet. I savor the sensation and then move on to…

…the "push." I put a little pressure into the next kiss to make sure my partner knows I mean business! There is a series of kisses, each one more ardent than the last. Before long, one or both of us is opening to the other. And then what? Here's my suggestion: do NOT automatically go for the open-mouth-deep-kiss action. Heck no, I want to be a tease! I kiss and pull away. I move to deepen the next kiss and then change my mind. He tries to touch his tongue to mine and I move back, keeping it chaste, teasing him with just the smallest hint of my tongue against his. He gets impatient, entwines his fingers into my hair to pull me closer and then… But wait. I'm getting ahead of myself here.

"You must remember this, a kiss is just a kiss," according to songwriter Herman Hupfeld But is it? Maybe, if we're talking about a simple peck on Grandma's cheek at Thanksgiving, or a way to say congratulations in the reception line of your niece's wedding.

I think I prefer the definition at the Free Dictionary. It says: To touch or caress with the lips as an expression of affection, greeting, respect, or amorousness. Now, that's much closer to what I had in mind, especially the words "caress" and "amorousness."

* * *

For twelve years, Angela Lee lived the life of an innocent schoolgirl who obediently attended classes every day in her plaid uniform. But maybe there was something about those patent leather shoes she insisted on wearing… Always interested in a good story, both for reading and in writing, Angela's own works took a turn for the sensual after discovering a man willing to experiment with any fantasy she could conceive of. "I married him," Angela says, "so I could continue my research in depth. Somehow, he doesn't seem to mind." You can learn more about her at her MySpace site.

Don't miss Angela's debut eBook download, SCHOOL TIES, available at All Romance eBooks.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bridget Midway's book signing event - 07/20/2008

Join erotica author Bridget Midway on Sunday, July 20th from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Waldenbooks store inside of Greenbrier Mall at 1401 Greenbrier Parkway for a book signing event. She'll be signing What White Boyz Want, Fascination Street, Original Sin and Corporate Seduction at the signing. And the first few readers who buy my books will receive special prizes! You don't want to miss it!

Stay sexy,


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hot Spot: Bridget Midway

Erotiqué Hot Spot
Bridget Midway

Erotiqué: What kind of a child were you? Shy? Outgoing? Flamboyant?

Bridget: I was and still am very shy, believe it or not. I’m not very outgoing in front of strangers. It takes a lot to draw me out. But with my friends, I’m a total goofball.

Erotiqué: How did you find your way to writing erotic fiction?

Bridget: An author friend of mine, Laura Bacchi, was in my local writing group and after winning a writing contest with an erotica publisher, she encouraged me to submit work. So I punched up the sensuality in a work that had been recently rejected by a magazine and it got accepted. From that point, I’ve been published by more than 10 different publishers. What can I say? Sex sells!

Erotiqué: What is your greatest source of inspiration for writing your stories?

Bridget: Dreams, newspaper articles, Internet stories, friends, family, TV shows, people on the street. I’m always keeping my eyes and ears open and I grab inspiration from everywhere.

Erotiqué: Do you ever find yourself in need of mood enhancements? What kind do you use?

Bridget: Oh yeah. I’ll admit it. If I’m not feeling that special umph to write a hot scene, I’ll break out a porn DVD. Sometimes I’ll watch it just for new positions.

Erotiqué: What can readers expect from any of your stories?

Bridget: I’m hoping that my readers know to expect the unexpected. I know. A complete oxymoron. Since I write multicultural romance, my readers know that I write a romance with an interracial couple where race is not an issue. It would be great if interracial romances became the norm instead of its own special subgenre. But while it is, I’ll keep writing them so long as fans keep reading them.

Quick Facts:
Author Name:
Bridget Midway
Web Address:
MySpace Address:
Blog Address:

Bridget Midway is the author of the following eBooks from Erotiqué Press.

Three most recent short stories:

  • "Sodom and Gomorrah"
  • "Silly Fears"
  • "Public Domain"

Three most recent books:

  • What White Boyz Want – “Bitter Ball” – Parker Publishing
  • Corporate Desires – MS Fiction
  • Original Sin– Phaze Books

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Main Entry:



Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Late Latin passion-, passio suffering, being acted upon, from Latin pati to suffer — more at PATIENT

13th century

4 a (1): EMOTION his ruling passion is greed (2)plural : the emotions as distinguished from reason b: intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction c: an outbreak of anger5 a: ardent affection : LOVE b: a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept c: sexual desire d: an object of desire or deep interest

Welcome to Erotiqué Press!

The first ten people to post a comment on this blog
will receive a free PDF download of Delicia Diamond's

The File Room

One by one, Marcy Jefferson's fellow workers file out of the office at the end of the day. Resigned to more overtime, Marcy heads into the file room to get things going so she can get off quickly, but a hard body pressed up against her in a moment of frenzied heat gives new meaning to the phrase.