Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kiss Me, Baby!

Who's got the most kissable mouth you can picture? The guy you never got to take to Prom? Your college sweetheart? Maybe, oh, Eric Bana?

How about your current lover? When your lips meet, do you still lose your breath? Get weak in the knees? Feel that delicious little tingle… down there? If not, don't lose heart. And don't trade in your current lover, at least not just for a slightly deficient lip lock. Just do what Angela does!

First of all, I always remember that a kiss should be the prelude to a celebration of passion. Hopefully, a noisy, rambunctious, nerve-jolting joining, but hey, sweet and loving is just as good. With that in mind, when I kiss, I focus my entire being in that simple action. Picture: our eyes meet, we move closer, and then our lips make that first contact. Oooh, soft. Warm. Sweet. I savor the sensation and then move on to…

…the "push." I put a little pressure into the next kiss to make sure my partner knows I mean business! There is a series of kisses, each one more ardent than the last. Before long, one or both of us is opening to the other. And then what? Here's my suggestion: do NOT automatically go for the open-mouth-deep-kiss action. Heck no, I want to be a tease! I kiss and pull away. I move to deepen the next kiss and then change my mind. He tries to touch his tongue to mine and I move back, keeping it chaste, teasing him with just the smallest hint of my tongue against his. He gets impatient, entwines his fingers into my hair to pull me closer and then… But wait. I'm getting ahead of myself here.

"You must remember this, a kiss is just a kiss," according to songwriter Herman Hupfeld But is it? Maybe, if we're talking about a simple peck on Grandma's cheek at Thanksgiving, or a way to say congratulations in the reception line of your niece's wedding.

I think I prefer the definition at the Free Dictionary. It says: To touch or caress with the lips as an expression of affection, greeting, respect, or amorousness. Now, that's much closer to what I had in mind, especially the words "caress" and "amorousness."

* * *

For twelve years, Angela Lee lived the life of an innocent schoolgirl who obediently attended classes every day in her plaid uniform. But maybe there was something about those patent leather shoes she insisted on wearing… Always interested in a good story, both for reading and in writing, Angela's own works took a turn for the sensual after discovering a man willing to experiment with any fantasy she could conceive of. "I married him," Angela says, "so I could continue my research in depth. Somehow, he doesn't seem to mind." You can learn more about her at her MySpace site.

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amylove said...

wow... i definitely should take a note on this.. :)

and angela, congrats on your new release!!


flchen1 said...

Ooh, very cool--thanks for letting us know about this! Kissing is always a hot topic ;)

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