Monday, October 6, 2008

Red Shoes

Does anyone remember watching "Red Shoe Diaries"? - It was a Showtime series, starring David Duchovny as a sort of narrator, who was usually walking down railroad tracks with his dog. He had a letter in his hand, and he would begin by reading "Dear Red Shoes..." Following would be an erotic, short, sensual story often centering on a young woman's (or man's) sexual awakening or unrequited love. Mood music, nudity, sometimes a bit of humor. The show would end with another glimpse of Duchovny looking pensive at the outcome or fate of the story's protagonist.

What I find interesting about this bit of TV history is that Duchovny, who went on to star in the popular "X-Files" as an alien-UFO-ghost hunter, landed back in Showtime's "Californication", now in its second year on the tube. This program, which has been boycotted and criticized in some countries for its explicit nature, garnered Golden Globe nominations for both the show and Duchovny.

(Maybe there is nothing coincidental about Duchovny's return to the hot-and-bothered sect; in August, the actor checked himself into a rehab center for sex addiction!)

Still, those old (early 90's) episodes of Red Shoe remind me of some of the great short erotica being turned out by today's new legion of ebook authors! I know they've inspired me...

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