Saturday, January 31, 2009

Press Release for "My Sexy Valentine" and "The Drive In"

Hi! I wanted to send out a note to everyone letting you know that my newest story "My Sexy Valentine" is now available for purchase at Below is the direct link to purchase it:

"My Sexy Valentine" by Lanna St. Claire:

"Veronica had little hope for Valentine's Day. She was sure that, once again, she would be passed by. Instead, her day begins with a romantic gift from a secret admirer, and the surprises keep coming. But what should she make of them, and should she dare hope they are from the man she dreams about during board meetings? With the delivery of the last sexy package, she waits to see if Cupid is finally delivering her real-life dream come true!"

I also want to let you know of "The Drive In" a story written by my dear friend Belle. I am proud to be sharing the shotlight with her this month on erotiquepress. Please join me in supporting her!

"The Drive In" by Belle Sloan:

"When Rob returns home from college for summer break, he’s talked into double dating to the drive-in with his old buddy, Steve. Once there, Steve leaves to get the snacks, and the steamy performance begins. This performance isn't on the screen, but in the backseat of the car, staring their dates. Rob joins the hot cast and becomes the star of the show!"

Please help Belle and I make this Valentines Day a sales a success!!!

Wishing you a life filled with passion and love!
Lanna St. Claire

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Belle Sloane said...

Thanks, Lanna. I totally appreciate the support and encouragement! You rock!!!