Saturday, February 28, 2009

Come…Sit…Stay: Commanding Ways to Lure Him Back to Bed

It's still February. And here, where I live, February is usually a month of tumultuous weather. One day, we have a 60-degree heat wave; the next, we are buckling down, bracing for a snow. Those snowy days are the days I love. There is something about that cold that make me want to stay in bed, wrapped in delicious flannel sheets and a down comforter, my leg draped over the leg of the man who knows all sorts of ways to keep me hot, regardless the temperature is outside.

But sometimes, when we least desire it, reality robs of us this pleasure. The alarm rings, and eventually, one has to stop slapping the snooze button and make a break for the frosty world outside of the blankets. And when your partner gets out of bed to dress for work, and you are able to remain, there is a bit of emptiness, of longing, as your hand runs over the vacant side of the bed. While I understand the importance of being responsible and getting to work on time, I think we need just a little more time in our lives to spend in bed. Together.

If you are likeminded, I recommend luring him back to bed. But how? I pondered this question, and I came up with few ideas, but I only knew what would lure ME back to bed. So, I decided to do a bit of research—for scientific purposes, mind you—and posed this question to several male acquaintances. What would their women need to do to get them to come back to bed once they've already gotten up?

The men I asked were very upfront, and the answers were pretty diverse. A few said a come-and-get-me look seemed to be all it would take. I got romantic responses, such as whispering a few sweet nothings. I got direct responses, such as pulling him down and ravaging him. I got sultry responses, like pulling the sheets over to just expose a thigh or a bit of cleavage. But perhaps my favorite response was, "Lingerie is always nice. But turn on the Speed Channel or Bassmaster Classic."

I'm quite willing to slide on a negligee and give my best take-me-now glance to get him to come back to the comfort of the bed on icy February morning. We don't have enough of those moments, the kind we remember as being special and tender. Those are the moments that keep us warm through the rest of the year. But let's leave ESPN out of it.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Love and Marriage

I recently had a conversation with a gal, a stranger no less, in a grocery store line. We stood together, waiting to cash out, both of us reading the tabloids. She mumbled something about, "If people paid more attention to how they felt in their heart than between their legs, more marriages might work out."

This gave me pause to think. I stood for a minute, not sure if I should respond, then deciding to take the bait.

"Yeah, I said, every relationship I had when I was younger was all about the sex for everyone but me. I spent so much time trying to please them, that they ended up not liking me."

She looked at me kinda funny, then laughed. "Yeah, I was looking for the guy who could drive me wild. Too bad they all drove me insane."

I nodded, agreeing. As I walked away, I started to think about this. Is mind-boggling sex worth giving up the warmth and comfort of the emotional connection?

In reading, we generally look for the perfect combination of both. We want to feel good, but we also want to feel good! Isn't it possble to have both? And if not, which one is more important?

If we give so much of ourselves to please physically, do we lose the ability to please emotionally?

Does it matter in erotic fiction if there is emotional pleasure, or does that fall into the romance category?

©Karen Syed aka Alexis Hart

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dogs are so smart!

Thought for the Day

Handle every stressful situation like a dog.
If you can't eat it or play with it,
Just pee on it and walk away.

Am I right? I thought so. {grin}

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Morning After {smile}

What do romance & passion mean to erotica authors? Romance? Passion?
Fervor, ardor, obsession, infatuation, excitement, enthusiasm, zeal, craze, delight, eagerness, devotion, dedication, all these words may appear somewhere in a romance authors repertoire.

Romance to different people probably means the same thing. A love story. That story may be complicated or enhanced by mystery, suspense, thriller, intrigue, adventure. It may be anything from the old fashioned sweet love affair between consenting adults. Or, for more modern tastes and reasons, it could be ménage trois or a same sex relationship. Anything is, tastefully, open to exploration. You can be sure it will be entertaining and the plot that carries the story will be well thought out and inclusive.

Passion can and does include many things. A desire to please, an ardor that grows from kiss to physical intimacy by degrees.

No, erotic romance is not all about sex.AND Yes, erotic romance is all about sex but with a plot. – An erotic romance novel is a romance novel. A romance novel is no different from any other novel in its basic structure. It demands conflict; an arcing plot with subplots often woven in; well-developed protagonists and possibly antagonists, each with their own goals and motivations; and a setting your readers can visualize. These are all the fundamentals of any good story. The genre’s trademark is sexual tension/pressure. And because it is an erotic romance it also requires sex.

Passion can be how someone feels about their career. I have a passionate urge to create compelling fiction. My passion is writing. Or, it can mean the heat of the moment in a sexual encounter. Passion then, is in the mind of the beholder.

According to Alison Kent “…women make love because they are emotionally involved; men make love to determine if they want to become emotionally involved.”

Looking for passion – read any of the Erotique authors – be sure to bring a tall cool drink and maybe even a fan – or just a willing partner. {smile}
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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Talk About Kissing!

by Anabel Blue

"Kissing power is stronger than will power." So said Abigail Van Buren, "Dear Abby" to most. OMG, does that mean if I kiss my hubby every time I crave a chocolate bar, I'll lose weight??

"I have found men who didn't know how to kiss. I've always found time to teach them." Did Mae West have it right, or not? And doesn't that just epitomize the sassy bombshell who exuded sexual tension at every curvy move?

"Her lips on his could tell him better than all her stumbling words." Ah, Margaret Mitchell. She may have been a tiny, prim looking little lady, but she knew how to steam up a car window!

"A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous." Amen to Ingrid Bergman, who clearly knew the difference.

Go forth and create kisses to quote about! Happy Valentine's Day!

Anabel Blue is the author of POWER PLAY from Erotique Press. Visit Anabel at her website!

Nathan and Cyan - Valentine's Day Romance

What would my characters do on Valentine's Day?

Nathan and Cyan are an unusual couple. They went to fetch their property from across the country from their other lives only to wind up nearly picked up by a tornado. They seem to get caught up in the most unlikely and passionate interchanges possible.

Could a barn fire and subsequent rescue be a Valentine sortéé or would they prefer to find their passion explode on the dance floor of the set for Dirty Dancing?

I think a roller coaster ride could be in order. I would imagine Cyan would find that just dangerous enough to give her libido a kick in the wherever.

Once you read the story, I’m sure you will wonder where Blue Interlude will take you next. Watch for it coming soon from Erotique.
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Jeff’s words: Rule Number One: To be successful selling books, or anything for that matter, is to have a desire to succeed.

Rule Number Two: Go out and do it.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentiine's Day - What to do?

1. Perfectly Romantic things to do on Valentine's Day
Go for a long walk. It doesn’t matter where you live there is something in the motion of a long walk that brings you closer together. Hold hands if you like, or not. You will find the silence or the quiet conversation as you walk will bring out thoughts you haven’t expressed, perhaps for a long time. The rhythm of footsteps is kin to meditation. Try it, you might like it.

Romance, Erotic, or Christian...

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be for couples, but if you are a writer – why not give yourself a gift or ask your significant other to buy that in lieu of chocolates. Guaranteed these books will not add to your waist line. They just might give you some new ideas, for both writing and personal use. {grin} Below you will find some from my arsenal. I have shelves and shelves of how to books.

I was perusing my writing romance books for a writer’s group I founded and host once a month in my home. These writers are in various stages of discovering they want to write. Some haven’t decided what genre yet, some write sermons, or lesson plans and want to do more. Some are into genealogy and creative non-fiction, yet there are those who want to write mystery, suspense, plays, screen plays, Young Adult, Thriller and yes even romance. While most of these books would be appropriate for all of them. I think I would have to keep those below that deal with the erotic to myself. They are all full of good methods for writing however – so don’t shy away from a how to book just because it isn’t your genre.
I have found I learn from every manual I read.

How to Write Romance for the New Markets
, by Kathryn Falk
Writing the Christian Romance by Gail Gaymer Martin
Writing Romances, A Handbook by the Romance Writers of America, Edited by Rita Gallagher, and Rita Clay Estrada
Writing a romance novel for Dummies by Leslie Wainger
The Easy Way to Write Romance, by Rob Parnell
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to: Getting Your Romance Published, by Julie Beard
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Writing Erotic Romance, by Alison Kent
Secret Sexual Positions, Ancient Techniques for Modern Lover’s by Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph D
Extraordinary Sex Now, by Dr. Sandra R Scantling
The Bald-Headed Hermit and the Artichoke, an Erotic Thesaurus. By A.D. Peterkin.
“Entertaining and very funny,” says Hustler Magazine.
Just so you know A. D. Peterkin is a Toronto psychiatrist and journalist. Kind of makes you wonder what beat he covers.
But if you are bored with the trite and over-used check this book out.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Boyfriend Application

I recently had dinner with a friend of mine. She, too, is looking for the right partner. And so are a number of her friends. As we sat waiting for dinner to finish in the oven, she—I'll call her L—casually mentioned a conversation that she had with a friend about finding a mate. They were both apparently tired of dating duds, and they came up with an idea that shocked me. The Boyfriend Application.

Initially, I just laughed. It was amusing. Just what, exactly, would be on such a document? I had to know.

L proceeded to show me the applications she and her friend came up with. There were practical questions, such as, "Are you currently employed?" There were funny questions, such as, "Are you jealous of small appliances?" And there were a few that were kind of out there, such as "Interpret this picture" with an image of barbed wire. My personal favorite was demonstrated the applicant's intellect. It was simply "Solve this equation," which was followed by a picture similar to this:

When I was done laughing, I thought about the practicality of this. L told me that maybe this would be handed out after chatting with someone initially but before getting too "datey." This way, the guys who were not quite what the gals were looking for could be weeded out, saving endless amounts of time and effort and lots of bad dates. Sounded good. Most of us have a very limited amount of time in which to socialize, and really, why not streamline the process?

But then, I had a moment of resignation at the thought that dating had become a job instead of the enjoyable, crazy, ridiculous, and thrilling adventure it was supposed to be. That while we would be able to save time and a bit of heartache, we were loosing the opportunity for surprises and for the occasional outlandish story of a date-gone-wrong. That maybe the romance was sacrificed in the name of practicality. Was I ready to turn my search for love into a streamlined chore?

As good as this idea might be, I don't think it is quite for me. I'm a bit of a romantic, and I'm willing to roll the dice on a man because things like a goofy sense of humor and a charming, crooked smile are things I'd never be able to see on an application. And it's those bits that make all the bad dates in the world worth continuing the search.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy First Day of LOVE Month!

How great is that? A whole month dedicated to amour. Amour, and more is what you’ll find at Erotique Press. So take a few moments to check out the new titles at You won’t be sorry. You’ll find three new wonderful tales of passion and sensuality. Just the ticket to get you primed for Valentine’s Day.

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I want to thank my dear friend, Lanna St. Claire for the kind words in her blog post here yesterday! What a great endorsement! You’re a peach, L. As Lanna said, her new story My Sexy Valentine is up and ready for purchase, as well as Valentine Express by Cricket Sawyer. Don’t miss any of them.

"If you want to feel the heat,
move to the back seat."

Until next time,
Belle Sloane***