Saturday, February 28, 2009

Come…Sit…Stay: Commanding Ways to Lure Him Back to Bed

It's still February. And here, where I live, February is usually a month of tumultuous weather. One day, we have a 60-degree heat wave; the next, we are buckling down, bracing for a snow. Those snowy days are the days I love. There is something about that cold that make me want to stay in bed, wrapped in delicious flannel sheets and a down comforter, my leg draped over the leg of the man who knows all sorts of ways to keep me hot, regardless the temperature is outside.

But sometimes, when we least desire it, reality robs of us this pleasure. The alarm rings, and eventually, one has to stop slapping the snooze button and make a break for the frosty world outside of the blankets. And when your partner gets out of bed to dress for work, and you are able to remain, there is a bit of emptiness, of longing, as your hand runs over the vacant side of the bed. While I understand the importance of being responsible and getting to work on time, I think we need just a little more time in our lives to spend in bed. Together.

If you are likeminded, I recommend luring him back to bed. But how? I pondered this question, and I came up with few ideas, but I only knew what would lure ME back to bed. So, I decided to do a bit of research—for scientific purposes, mind you—and posed this question to several male acquaintances. What would their women need to do to get them to come back to bed once they've already gotten up?

The men I asked were very upfront, and the answers were pretty diverse. A few said a come-and-get-me look seemed to be all it would take. I got romantic responses, such as whispering a few sweet nothings. I got direct responses, such as pulling him down and ravaging him. I got sultry responses, like pulling the sheets over to just expose a thigh or a bit of cleavage. But perhaps my favorite response was, "Lingerie is always nice. But turn on the Speed Channel or Bassmaster Classic."

I'm quite willing to slide on a negligee and give my best take-me-now glance to get him to come back to the comfort of the bed on icy February morning. We don't have enough of those moments, the kind we remember as being special and tender. Those are the moments that keep us warm through the rest of the year. But let's leave ESPN out of it.


Nathalie said...

OMG, this CRACKED me up! You see, I have one of those men who's addicted to the Speed Channel... and is an avid fisherman. I just had to LAUGH!

Jo Anne said...

I don't know what the speed channel is and that is OK.
My husband is a romantic and after 12 years of marriage the romance is still there. of course the TV is always on upstairs and down or music, always have something going on so we can get it going. Sometimes though finding the alone time is hard. In 12 years we have had only three months alone. But those three months were fantastic. Just have to get the brother (47) and son (24) out of the house. this is a second marriage for both of us.