Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Googling a great kiss

I'm into researching for my blogs, as you have already guessed. So when I was moved to write another one for our site, I started thinking about kissing. And let me tell you, there are some fun websites out there dedicated to the art of kissing! I had no idea how many ways there were to explore—and more importantly, have fun—during a lip lock. Let me share a few that I liked best.

The Altoid kiss. You know that cool, tingly feeling you get when you pop an Altoid into your mouth? Imagine leaning in for a kiss from your beau and feeling that. Then, take a deep breath. Repeat.

The ice cube kiss. Even colder than the Altoid kiss. It involves holding a cube in your mouth until it is deliciously cold, then planting one on your partner that will send shivers down his spine. Not that you don't already.

The palm kiss. This is easily one of my old favorites. Kissing can be a sensual thing when it's done in an unexpected spot. Grab his hand, and gently turn it over until his palm is facing you. Plant a kiss right in the center. Or try the inside of his wrist. Or anywhere else the mood strikes you.

Now, granted, there were a few really bizarre and funny ones I found, such as acting like a cat, purring and rubbing against him before kissing him. And while my first reaction was to think how silly that was, I began to think that it is part of the fun. Being silly can create memorable moments, too…if you are with the right person…someone who appreciates a good joke and loves to laugh. And after the laugh, you can always scoop him into your arms and plant a good one on him.

I remain a strong supporter of the tease kiss. The one where you lean in, so close that you can feel each others breath on your lips. Then, you lean in just a bit further, making that last bit of an advance, before pulling back. No kiss. This one is guaranteed to make them crazy and pull you back for a proper lip-lock.

I'm looking for the perfect kiss. And I guess I'm willing to use Google to help me find ideas. But when it comes to a great kiss, nothing will ever beat primary, face-to-face research.

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Abe Froman said...

The parking lot, behind a mexican restaurant... the kiss was urgent, hungry, lasting, and involved a wonderfully long session of bodies grinding and sliding against each other, against the car that waited to take them further.

Karen Syed said...

It was last year when I woke up in recovery from just having heart surgery. My husband was holding my hand. He smiled down at me, leaned in, held my cheek, and brushed his lips across mine. It was so short and sweet, but I knew in that moment more love than I had ever known.