Friday, March 6, 2009

Making things hotter for you!

As the publisher, it is my job to make your shopping experience as pleasurable as possible. If you look at what we offer, you will see that we have some hot little stories.

In an effort to keep your eyes glued to us, we are in the process of revamping the web site and store for Erotique. What we would like to know is what can we do to make shopping at Erotique more satisfying for you.

Any one who offers a valid suggestion (making everything free is not valid) will receive a FREE PDF download of their choice from Erotique. So tell us what you think and read for free.

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Once you have posted your comment, send an e-mail to

Karen Syed, President
Echelon Press/Erotique


Enchanted Crystals said...

On the catalog page- perhaps a logline for each book?


terrie said...

Perhaps show the covers and a blurb on your catalog page instead of just a title and a link. That would make the page more appealing people make purchases off of what they see, so if there is just a name unfortunately a lot of people won't be bothered to go any further.

Daz said...

I think its always useful to have an excerpt of the book. I find that when I read a chapter of the book its an even better hook than a blurb.

Reviews would also be good. I always like to read a mix of good and not so good reviews to get a balanced view of the book I'm considering buying.