Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sweet Romance

In honor of Valentine's Day having come and gone, and spring imminent even with winter still hanging around, Angela is going to put aside her usual naughty behavior and spend a little time talking about romance. After all, it's romance that gets us where we all want to go, isn't it? But the definitions of romance are as varied as there are couples in the throes of it. So let's chat.

Sometimes romance has nothing to do with fancy dinners, expensive wine, heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, or candles at the table. Yes, yes…these trappings can be very important for setting a mood. That's understood. But when you get right down to it, isn't the flush of romance–that wave of emotion that causes your heart to flutter and turn over when he looks at you, the giddy way you feel when he smiles from across the room, how your pulse races when he touches your hand or traces a finger down your face–the real magic in attraction?

Remember that cute boy at school and how it felt when he actually talked to you for the first time? I think the point of romance, at least for me, is to bring back that heady schoolgirl rush I felt every time my hopeful brown eyes met his mischievous blue ones when he looked up from his desk. I want romance to make me feel head-over-heels giggly when he says my name.

Lucky for me, my husband still triggers that reaction. Not all the time, of course: we aren't newlyweds any longer. But there is something to be said for a man who puts his arms around me when I've had a bad day at work. I love the way his eyes smile at me when I have good news to share with him. And no one can tell me that watching him pick up his newborn baby for the first time didn't make my heart melt.

No, I don't need him to court me with that fancy dinner and the candles, at least not all the time. Sometimes romance is just curling up next to him on the sofa, resting my head in that space between his neck and shoulder where I fit perfectly, and sharing his warmth while he reads and I doze off against him. So maybe tomorrow night we'll wrestle each other into a hot and wild frenzy. Tonight, a simple kiss and affectionate squeeze make up the pinnacle of true romance.

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Anabel Blue said...

"That heady schoolgirl rush" -- now that's something to aspire to!

I agree that couples need to remember how to "do" romance in the day-to-day world of other issues. Somehow, after ten hours of driving, working, transporting kids, keeping house, or whatever is required to negotiate your life, we must find ways to slide back into that perfect intimacy you describe. That "magic of attraction."

Thanks for the reminder!


Lisa Logan said...

So true! Important to remember in our writing--and real life as well. Romance to me isn't a date at a swanky restaurant; it's the secret, stolen look across the room at a stuffy cocktail party, or my man stealing up behind me to whisper good morning in my ear. Happy Not Valentine's Day!