Thursday, April 2, 2009

Are Witches Real? Are They Fodder for a Romantic Suspense?

Well even if they aren't wouldn't it be interesting to incorporate one into your writing. The first trial for witchcraft in America (1648 sources tell me) was for Margaret Jones in Charlestown, Connecticut. Do you know what prompted her execution for witchcraft? There were several reasons here are 4...Think about them as you read them
1. whoever she touched with any affection or displeasure were taken with deafness, or vomiting or other violent pains or sickness.

2. She was a practicing psychic and her medicines that she confessed to using were harmless - like aniseed, liquors etc. Yet they had extraordinary violent effects on her victims (er) patients.

3. She told those who refused her psychic powers that they would never completely heal if they didn't --it was beyond comprehension of others even physicians or surgeons how this worked for her but it did. [the power of the mind is awesome]

4. Some things she foretold came to pass, other things she told to some secretly about that she could have no way of knowing were true or became true.

Now for a bit of do do do do (hear that suspense music) On the same day and hour she was executed for being a witch, "a very great tempest blew down many trees and etc. at Connecticut." Now that is spooky. But imagine the story you could build around someone like her - be it love story, romantic suspense, or paranormal romantic suspense.

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Anabel Blue said...

And was this witch also passionate in the bedroom? I've often wondered how witchcraft related to sexuality. I suppose, with a little magic, you could make incredible things happen between the sheets...


Lisa Logan said...

While the meat of this post makes me think "outrage" rather than "turn on," witches ARE rather inherently sexy. Something about the aura of magic does make for a good swoon!

I've got a couple romance novels brewing with witch protagonists--one with a female witch, the other a hot male witch. SO fun to write. Viva la magic!