Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chrismas Cioppino - A Love Story

by Cricket Sawyer

(excerpted from chapter one)

Preparing the broth for the Cioppino infused her thoughts of the sizzling passion Aaron had brought into her life. Noel drizzled the oil into the pan. As she chopped the green pepper its pungent odor reminded her of his after shave as he devoured her mouth with his. He enveloped her lips with his warm passionate kiss as he forced his tongue between her teeth exploring her mouth.

Reluctantly, Noel jerked her mind back to the task at hand. Guest would be expecting Cioppino not her obsession with Aaron’s muscled body and amorous tales of her passion and lust for him.
She scraped the chopped pepper into the pan and picked up the onion and began to reduce it to a diced white mound. As her mind transmuted the lingering strength of the onion into the strength of Aaron’s arms as he lifted her off her feet and carried her into the bedroom. Her muscles contracted in her vagina with the heat of the memories of Aaron bringing her wave after wave of orgasms.

Noel stirred the sizzling vegetable mix adding the reserved clam liquid and the crab she had cracked out of its home. Red tomatoes and tomato juice as red as the heat of the passion that blazed in her groin tugging at the memories of Aaron’s shaft sliding in and out of her juices. Her pleasure dampened her panties now as she remembered him devouring her inch by inch.

It took all her strength to break away from the memory and search the spice rack. Salt, basil, anything to get her mind off Aaron’s body and back to cooking. Bay leaf, garlic, the garlic bulb one lump of cloves needed to be divided. Cloves, balls separated by the shaft like stem. Her mind refused to obey her call to erase the lust in exchange for the recipe she tried to follow, even though she had cooked Cioppino almost as often as Christmas came and went. Why did cooking always boil with innuendos of making love. Perhaps, because she loved to cook and Aaron definitely loved to eat. They fueled each others needs and likes.

Watch for this continuing story to unfold again April 28--it's always Christmas when you're in love. So many delicious surprises.
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