Friday, May 15, 2009

The BEST Toys for Playtime!

Twitter has become a part of our daily routine here at Erotique Press, and through this wonderful social networking tool, we get to meet all sorts of fun, interesting folks. One of my favorite Twitter people to follow is Bill Turner, Research Analyst for His posts are witty, and I love the links he posts to the company blog, which is both sexy and educational. So as our blog begins a week-long discussion about toys, I thought Bill would be a great person to interview to kick off the fun! Here's what he had to say.

Erotique Press: How would you summarize your company philosophy? is committed to promoting sexual health and well being through the addition of sex toys to people's sexual repertoires. In simpler English, we want people to enjoy healthy, fun sensual time with toys that can improve the fun that they have. We spend time researching toys and aspects of sexual health to pass along information people can use to improve their experience.

A big part of what we do is dedicated to education. We provide helpful information on our blog, in Google Knowledge and in other forums around the internet. We are currently working on bringing a complete Guide to Sex Toys to our main website, with question and answer options for users. We believe that providing information to consumers is central to what we do, and are committed to giving people all information, good and bad.

EP: How do you cater to female clients? Male clients? New clients who may not have much experience purchasing items?

STC: In many cases, we don't make distinctions. For instance, a toy designed for anal play can be used by either gender. A vibrator that stimulates a clitoris could just as easily be used for perineum massages. That said, we try to separate some products using sex toys for men and sex toys for women categories. We also have a category for couples, highlighting products that would be great for partnered play time.

We try to be balanced in our information as well. We present information relevant to women, men and couples. In fact, one of our most read blog posts relates to improving male orgasm, without the use of chemical supplements. Our research staff, experts team and blog team are diverse and specialized. We all work to find information that is useful to the widest range of people.

We do love beginners. Beginners are the people who can have the MOST fun with the right information. Many people grew up in a world where sex toys were relegated to shops in the parts of town that were considered taboo. Now, you can buy a vibrator at a local drug store in many cases. Society has come a long way toward understanding that these products aren't about porn, but sexual health.

We have an entire category set up for beginners, and we provide an Ask An Expert link on our site, which allows people to anonymously ask anything they want to know. This allows people to ask questions they may think "sound dumb," but we find that many questions are absolutely cogent and are the types of questions that save people from making bad mistakes. In the near future, we'll have our 24/7 telephone support group live, so users can pick up the phone and ask a question on the spot.

Our goal is to have every customer, regardless of gender or experience level, completely comfortable with their toy selection and equipped with the information to get the most from their play.

EP: What is your best selling item?

STC: That's actually a hard one. We have a best seller list that reflects best sellers over the last year, but as new items get hot, those become temporary best sellers. In terms of sheer volume, the Waterproof Jack Rabbit is the best. Because we sell it in 3 different styles, they all land in the top 5. If you add their numbers together, they are far and away the highest selling toy on our site.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank Sex and the City

EP: What would you recommend as a "starter" novelty?

STC: I strongly recommend a finger, a hand, or a partner's finger, hand or tongue. People laugh when I say that, but the fact is that knowing what sensation stimulates you, and where, is nine tenths of the work in choosing the right sex toy. It is useless to buy a clitoral stimulator, if you feel the most intense pleasure from G-spot stimulation and vice versa. And I could go on with examples demonstrating this, but I think the point is clear.

We carry a complete line of toys for beginners, and we also have many vibrators and dildos that are great for beginners. I always suggest starting with a simple toy, learning what feels great and working from there. And if any beginners are reading this, I strongly urge you to get into the habit of purchasing and using silicone, glass and hard plastic toys. These are the most hygienic, easy to clean and safest toys on the market. They are also usually the highest quality, so while you may pay more in the beginning, you'll spend a great deal less replacing broken or worn out toys.

EP: What was the most interesting/funny experience you've had related to your job?

STC: For funny, you can read all about my toy testing adventures in the blog. I once accidentally shot a masturbator quite a distance. Interesting would have to be the research. I am constantly learning new information. And applying the information to an educational context is challenging and fun. I work hard to get the details a consumer would want, and then pass them along to help people with their decision making.

EP: Please discuss the Sunday Sex Toy Review on your blog.

STC: Well, I wouldn't call it a religious experience, but some might! The Sunday Sex Toy Review is a sex positive, variety features collection of posts. We've interviewed Metis Black of Tantus, Shaye Saldana of LELO, Desiree Duffie of Topco Sales and Keith Caggiano of Screaming O, Ginger Leigh does her Sunday Wishes (and on April 12, she announced her $1,000 Sex toy wish list giveaway), and we feature useful information on toys, sexuality and news.

We have fun with the Review and readers give us great feedback on it. If it continues to grow, it might eventually become its own entity, separate from the blog. We have great interviews upcoming with sex toy experts and sexologists, so check it out each Sunday. You never know what you'll learn or who you'll discover.

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