Monday, May 11, 2009

Christmas Cioppino continued

Part 3
Bonita turned on the television to relieve her seeming obsession with sex. What was with her today? Bradley certainly had satisfied her last night, and yet it only made her hunger for more.

The news broadcaster was adding background voice to the picture on the screen. A capsized fishing boat, Coast Guard life boats and crews battling waves to reach swimmers bobbing like buoys on the frigid dark, ominous water illuminated only by floodlights from the Coast Guard and the television news crews.

Bonita’s heart sank as she became wrapped in the adventure unfolding on the screen.
“This was the scene two hours ago as the Coast Guard received a nine one one call. Pirates had once again…”

Bonita’s mind went blank as a piece of wreckage floated into view. The camera drew in, a close up of the letters on the fragmented, bobbing piece of ship—the camera panned closer "mas … Cio…." The crisp red letters she had helped Bradley paint on the bow of their boat floated across the screen.

Her heart sank to the pit of her stomach, her stomach squeezed a knot. She couldn't believe her eyes, she wouldn't believe what she thought she was seeing...

Hope vanished

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