Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Playtime With and Without Toys

When I was first told that my blog topic this week was "Toys", I actually laughed in delight. My mind started churning with possibilities -where do I go with this? And then I hit the wall. Where DO I go with this? How rhapsodic can I wax about a vibrating dildo that hasn't already been, well, done? I'm not keen on flavored oils (they give me a stomach ache) and even though I find them intriguing, my husband and favorite research partner would not bother with candy pants unless they were made of chocolate actually molded onto me. Ahem.

When in doubt, do research. I have pored over toy catalogs, checking out glossy pictures of everything from toy whips to stimulating gels, masks to exotic costumes, and while I giggled over some of the displays, they really didn't get me all tingly. Well, not enough to make a difference!

That's about when I realized I'm actually a pretty basic person. I don't need hot wax or costumes. I don't need thirty candles blazing away in front of the mirror. I'm a simple gal - I like silk neckties. (For more on the feel of a good silk necktie, check out my story School Ties at Erotique Press

I also really like whipped cream. Mmmm. Are you beginning to catch my drift?

So maybe actual toys aren't my cup of tea. Or path to passion. As a writer, though, I will admit a weakness for books. Books with titles like The Joy of Sex, How to Please a Man/Woman, 101 Nights of Pleasure. Nothing like a little light reading to get the juices flowing.

And lately I've been noticing the advent of board games. Kind of like Monopoly for the bedroom. Some of the little squares you can land on -oooooh. Suggestions to nibble this, or stroke that, massage a little, or squeeze and tweak a lot. What a delightful thought! Throw a couple of neckties and a dollop of whipped cream into the mix, and I'm a happy camper!

Um, speaking of camping... Have you ever considered what you can do with bungee cords and four tent stakes?

My newest story, Bedroom Tiger, will be available at Erotique Press! Can I say, Coming Soon???

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