Monday, May 18, 2009

Sex Toys?

I had to ask myself whatever do I know that I could relate to you about "Sex Toys?" Well certainly by and away the very best one I know of - is the picture above. There can be no better stimulation than a man with a body that knows how to use it. (well, in my case anyway, not accounting for other partner preferences)

That doesn't make me right and you wrong if you chose otherwise - while I realize some may not have a partner at all for whatever reason, there are plenty of diversions that you may purchase at any store with adult toys. Some quite amusing, others interesting and probably worth exploring. There always are the parties (similar to tupperware parties) you may be familiar with that are simply for purchasing toys to suit everyone's tastes)

The essence of passion is what your mind wraps around whatever toy you prefer. For instance, would you believe that cooking spaghetti sauce could influence your passion and bring life to your romance? Your passion? Rush over to Erotique Press and grab a copy of Valentine Express and you may think differently.

If you want to delve into the realm of Sex Toys - check out Dark Knight - where Cricket takes you on a tour of the many ways to enjoy, experiment and crank up and experience your passion renewed.

I have begun a new story - how creating a meal that can cook up a passion surpassed by anything else you do - You may see excerpts of Christmas Cioppino in earlier posts on this blog - keep your eyes open for it - guaranteed it will wet your appetite for more than good Seafood.

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