Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Erotic Romance: More Than Just Thrusts and Beats

One of Ms. Anabel’s gentlemen friends is really into video sex. She hesitates to use the “P” word, because it offends many. Still, it’s fairly hard-core porn and she sometimes thinks it would work well as sex education material. Someone mentioned “insert Tab A into Slot B” and, well, that’s basically it, accompanying by hard-thumping sex music, each thrust timed to each beat, of course. Story? Ha!

But Etienne has a couple of DVD’s that Anabel actually likes. They are the ones with a story. They usually start out with a couple locking eyes across the room at a party, and the She of them starts having trouble with her date, they argue, and she takes off into the night on the beach. Then the He of the story notices, and slips out the back door in pursuit.

The He is sympathetic, and attentive. The ocean breeze is blowing, he offers his jacket, but the She doesn’t wear it for long because he has enticed her into a little mini-orgy on the sand. Oh yeah, She points those 4 inch clear Lucite stilettos toward the starry sky and next thing you know, Slot B is welcoming Tab A. Music is more dreamy, and kisses more passionate, less violent. Afterward, newly bonded couple is seen walking in the dawn light, romantic, sated, all shades of afterglow. He is carrying her killer shoes, she is again wearing his sexy jacket.

Why does Anabel prefer this video over the others? Story. Emotion. Beginning, middle, satisfying end. This is erotic romance.

Etienne humors Anabel by playing this video first. While he prefers the “let’s get it on” momentum of the aforementioned play-by-play discs, he understands her need for substance and plot. Because, after all, Anabel is a woman whose sexual power is channeled through, and heightened by, emotion.

Love, Anabel

--who hopes your nights are filled with more than just slots and tabs...

Anabel Blue is the author of SEX LIBRIS, new from Erotique Press, where Sex in the Library has never been this much fun! BUY IT NOW for a quick, steamy read!

What gets you hot?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Defining Erotica

What's the difference between erotica, erotic romance, and romance? I'm asked this question a lot. It used to trip me up, but I've learned quite a bit over the past twelve years of writing romance and erotic romance. (I also write erotica under other names, but that's for another time.) So let me see if I can share what I've learned.

We all know about romance, right? Romance is fiction focused primarily on the relationship and romantic love between two people. No matter what else the story contains (sci-fi, vampires, suspense, space travel, etc.), it must follow the couple through great conflict and conflict resolution, and must have an emotionally satisfying and generally optimistic ending. That's why we read it, isn't it? Not all our relationships in real life will make it through those terrifying crises, but we know the couple we're following in a romance will. Somehow.

Erotica is fiction (or non-fiction!) meant to be sexually arousing. I've had people ask me what distinguishes erotica from pornography. For me, erotica has to offer an emotional connection with the characters--a story. In general, women want to connect emotionally with the characters they read about. (Not always, of course. This is just a general statement.) Inserting tab A into slot B is pornography. Needing, aching to insert tab A into slot B is erotica. (I'm not suggesting that pornography is always a bad thing, mind you.)

So, that leaves erotic romance: sexually stimulating literature about a growing relationship with an emotionally satisfying ending. Easy, right? But where do you draw the line between spicy romance and erotic romance? Much of it has to do with language and detail. If you want to be aroused but are easily offended by "four-letter words," then stick with spicy romance. However, the line is more like a fuzzy zone these days, and I don't spend a lot of time worrying about the difference when I'm writing. My characters decide the level of detail and what kind of language they will use. (If they don't have minds of their own, they aren't worth writing about.)

We need examples, don't we? OK. This is the beginning of a chapter from Carved in Stone, my latest release from Erotique Press:

Barely giving Lizabeth a chance to respond, Jeremy forced her mouth open again. His hand moved from her ribs to her back and then under her blouse.

She shuddered as he touched her skin, burning a path around her midriff. Then his hand moved up to the side of her bra and he caressed her breast through nylon. She pressed herself against him.

The knowledge that she'd aroused him fired her further and she rubbed her hip against the bulge in his jeans. For a moment, she thought he would take her right there in the yard.

She wouldn't have stopped him.

"Wait," he whispered, pulling his mouth away from her again. He slid his hand out from under her blouse.


"Christ, I'm not going to ravish you out here."

She looked up, stunned by the desire in his eyes that perfectly reflected her own.

Jeremy pushed the hair back from her face. "I work better indoors."

Is it spicy romance, erotic romance, or erotica? There's no way of telling with just this information. (You can be fairly sure it isn't "sweet romance" where sex is only hinted at, if that. In fact, I'll guarantee it isn't "sweet.") What gives it away is what follows.

Curious? I hope so. I really enjoyed writing the story of Jeremy and Lizabeth, set on the steamy Gulf coast of Mississippi. Jeremy is a stoic artist who carves stone, and Lizabeth is his unwitting model. When they get together, sparks fly!

Which do you prefer to read, romance, erotic romance, or erotica? Or are you like me—someone who enjoys them all? Are you into paranormal erotica (hinting at my other identity), or contemporary erotic romance? We authors really want to know. We love to share our stories with you, and we want you to enjoy them.

Carved in Stone is closer to erotic romance than anything else. Just so you know.

Happy, spicy reading!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Hot and Cold of It

Everything seems to be heightened in summer. Heightened excitement, since we are finally able to enjoy our favorite summer activities, like watching the fireworks on the fourth of July. Heightened anticipation of what can happen on a sultry summer night. Heightened senses, like savoring the taste of local watermelon or inhaling the scent of coconut suntan lotion.

And for that reason, we seem to feel things a lot more. We can feel every grain of sand beneath our feet, feel every breeze that wraps around our body as we lay in the hammock, feel every degree of the heat as we bake in the mid-day sun. Those sensations are even further heightened when they are placed with a sensation that is opposite, like stepping from a warm concrete sidewalk onto soft, dewy grass.

Hands down, my favorite juxtaposition of sensations is the sweltering summer heat and a cold ice cube. The heat bears down on you in a way you feel no other time of year, so just a hint of the ice is pure pleasure. And it's even better when you can play with a partner.

If you are a bit tentative, play with the ice cube in your mouth first. Take it out, trace your cold tongue along his lips, then lean in for a shocking kiss. Or leave it in your mouth and blow a chilly breeze across his warmed skin. Where you do that is up to you.

And the sensations can get even more intense. Let the ice start to melt between your finger tips, then drip it on your partner's skin, allowing the freezing drops to make their way down the nape of her neck, across his chest, or over her stomach. And when you see you have their attention--and you can see the anticipation in their eyes--pop the ice cube back in your mouth. Alternate dragging it between your teeth, blowing cold air over their skin, and licking a trail of icy goodness with your frozen tongue as they recline in the sun.

Don't underestimate the power of rubbing it over your own skin as they watch, either. There is nothing wrong with a little sensation for yourself while getting your partner's attention, which you are guaranteed to do while playing with an ice cube.

Just relax, enjoy, and have fun. Relish this sexy season we are beginning. Summer is all too short, too fleeting...but this early on, you still have a choice what you take from it: either sensual memories or a pocket full of sand. I'm going to opt for the memories.

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

"Steamy and very erotic..."

Oh, yeah. That's what I'm talkin' bout. Danielle at Coffee Time Romance also has this to say about SEX LIBRIS: "so hot that I am surprised it did not singe my fingertips" and isn't that the goal?

You can burn your own fingertips for just $1.13 at Erotique Press! Give SEX LIBRIS by Anabel Blue a read--you know you want to...



Wednesday, June 17, 2009

They say in spring, a young man's fancy turns to love. So what happens the following season?

Will he act on that fancy? Oh, please do, you may be thinking. Summer is the real time of the mating dance. Spring may bring the renewal of life and all things verdant, but summer is the time for preening. All the ladies in their shape-hugging sheath dresses, the skimpy tops, the shortest shorts, the string bikinis and the gauzy wraps. All the guys in their unbuttoned shirts, faded cut-offs, tank tops, and hip-hugging swim suits.

Or let's think about a fancy occasion like a wedding, where she can wear her sleeveless, strapless, scantiest cocktail dress, and he can deck himself out in a cool suit with the tie that will come loose before the evening is over, and the jacket that will be draped over the nearest chair, the better to show off that slim, belted waist.

And at the end of all this posturing? One can hope that the mating dance is completed: he, taking the time to slip that dress from her shoulders, nuzzling the soft, smooth skin of her neck and growing intoxicated with her scent; she, unbuttoning that shirt and sliding it free of his pants, unbuckling the belt and loosening the top button before slowly, longingly undoing that zipper. And both of them sweetly touching, stroking, exploring until they can't wait any longer and their lips meet in a tease, a caress, to be followed by the sort of deep kiss that takes their breath and pulls them into that final embrace.

Sigh. I love summer, with the heat and the rhythms that go from easy and casual to pulsing and driven. Seduction in the shape of the mouth around a strawberry. Passion in the lips that open to accept a taste of a frozen cherry confection, the tongue slipping easily down the length of it to catch every melting drip.

Hmmm. I think I'll go see if hubby is up for a summer snack.

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sole Seduction

Okay, this post is going up late, and I am overwriting someone else, but I was scheduled for yesterday and I missed it due to sore feet. No kidding. Being a new diabetic, I have been informed of the risks my feet are facing. How in the hell is this sexy you ask? Well, as my dietitian and diabetes specialist informed me, "This is how you make diabetes sexy, and get foreplay from your spouse." You simply make foot health a team sport.

The feet, tender little things that they are, take a lot of stress during the day. They get you from place to place, things get dropped on them, and they get abused by table and chair legs galore. No wonder they need such tender loving care.

My husband is wonderful, truly. He checks my feet for me now, every day. He starts with my toes, inspecting each one while he gently rubs and massages. He is very good with his thumbs so I am particularly pleased when he uses the pads of his thumbs to push upward from the tip of my toes to the top of my foot. Once he gives the all clear, the fun really begins.

A little bit of Tree Hut Shea Body Butter, Almond & Honey and it's on!

Using the palms of his hands, he kneads the soles of my feet, paying close attention to the balls, while the tips of his other fingers caress the top with long, hard, strokes. That's the part that starts me going.

Once he gets to the arch of my foot, he puts those glorious thumbs back into action as he rubs and strokes, and kneads each and every bare spot. By this point, my eyes are closed and I am in heaven. He works his way up each side of my ankles, inside and out, careful not to press too hard or squeeze too tight, until he gets to wherever it is he is going that night.

I am truly blessed to have such a man in my life, a man who is so in tune with each part of my body, including my feet. A man who not only cares for my health condition, but is willing to do this thing that gives me such pleasure.

The pleasures are often simple, but extreme in satisfaction.

Do you have a simple pleasure that involves your feet? Do you pay enough attention to your feet? Share with us!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Soleful Sensuality

Maybe it's just me, but I think feet can be one of the most sensual parts of body. Yes, I mean sensual in a sexual way—which can most certainly be fun!—but also sensual in the way of just awakening the senses or giving physical sensation. Not that the two are ever really independent of each other…sometimes awakening the senses is also awakening the whole body, which is an important part of sexuality, too.

Take, for example, being at the beach in the summer. The very first thing I do when I arrive is remove my shoes. Granted, I am barefoot as much as I can be each day, but there is something delicious about removing my shoes and walking through the sand. At first, it's hot, and the heat immediately warms my feet, but the sand can also be soft and powdery, offering resistance, wrapping around my foot like a warm massage. After I drop my towel, water, and sunscreen in a quiet area, I immediately head for the shoreline. There is a line on the beach where the waves have hit the shore, and in a matter of a single step, I leave the hot, soft sand and step into the cool, wet sand. My feet leave perfect footprint that wash away as the water comes in, removing any trace that one bit of earth has ever been touched by humans. I walk to the water, go in ankle deep at first, judging the temperature of the water, relishing the chill that washes through me when the water is cold on a summer day. A wave comes in, soaking me to my calves, and when it recedes, the water is drawn out of the sand, and I sink in, just a little. Then, when I'm done swimming, after I've kicked about in the waves and ridden them out, I head back to my towel and dig my toes in the hot sand again, loving the grittiness of grains stuck to my wet feet.

There are so many sensations we get from our feet from slipping on those fuzzy socks in the winter, from playing outside in the rain in the mud, from stimulation we receive from a great soak before a pedicure. Just don't get me started on foot massages. We could end up being here for hours.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

What could one add about feet after Lois's wonderful blog entry? As I sit and ponder that perplexing thought, I realize that I hardly ever think about feet unless I'm writing a scene in one of my stories focusing on a man with a foot fetish.

Why, you might be asking yourself. Aside from finding my feet useful because they firmly root me to the ground when I stand, they often cause me a great deal of grief--especially when I need to buy new shoes. According to statistics, the average shoe size for women today is 8-9.
I have become quite intimate with this fact. There are tons of boxes with large sizes underneath the shoe displays. When I look for my size, which is a 6, I can usually locate a single box. Inside there is usually one shoe. The other one is on diplay getting shopworn. Stores don't stock too many small sizes and if you come later in the season, you're out of luck.

I actually am lucky when I consider my husband's predicament. He has to order shoes from a special store because he wears a size 12AAA. I guess we were meant for each other.

Candy Caine
Christmas With a Stranger
Devil or Angel

Monday, June 8, 2009

Consider the Lowly Female Foot from Lois Bonde

Consider the lowly female foot.

It gets walked all over and that does nothing for its reputation.
It puts on beautiful high heels and we wonder why it complains.
It gets decorated with polish and then we hide it most often.
It demands good care and cleaning or it raises a stink.
It works hard and wears skin out only to have it sanded off.
It kicks soccer balls for kids' practice and stands in lines for hours without thanks.
It tiptoes bare to check on an ill child and walks fussy babies so everyone else can sleep and all it gets is cold.
It gets toes stubbed though it never deserved such punishment.
It is stepped on enough to grow larger throughout life without any appreciation.
It shows through holes in socks and gets rewarded with blisters.
It leans to the side in worn out shoes and then gets criticized and hurt for leaning.
Its real size is constricted to be more attractive, no matter what her height.

Yes, consider the lowly female foot.

It walks on cloud nine when the right man smiles.
It gets you into his arms at a run when you see him.
It signals other parts of the body to react wet and wild when it is massaged and rubbed with lotion after a long day.
It provides an erotic view when you're reclining and he lifts it.
It can curl around his legs to rub and encourage and direct.
It keeps us grounded but lets us soar to fulfill our life's dreams.

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Friday, June 5, 2009

The Hottest Technology!

At Erotique Press, we love meeting great people who are open-minded, sexy, and funny. Thanks to Twitter, we get the opportunity to chat with new folks we might not otherwise run in to, simply due to geography. Technology is making our world deliciously smaller, and with regards to technology, this week on our blog, we had decided to talk about technology and sexuality. With that in mind, we decided to interview one of our favorite new people, Mina, who owns adult web sites.

When I first tweeted with Mina, I just liked how witty she was. Then, of course, I had to go to her blog. The blog is sexy and really interesting, but what made me smile was when she wrote things like, "We’re a real-life 30-something couple from Montreal, Canada, who each own various porn sites and love exhibiting our desire for each other and erotica itself to the internet. Aside from how we felt about each other when we met, we knew our goals and work would blend perfectly together and we support each other any way we can" and "As I’ve said many times before, getting naked on the internet is the least of what I do—I’m not a paid model, I’m a web mistress." That being said, Mina is a knock-out and is very good at all the portions of her job! I just knew she'd be a great interview for our blog. Here is what she wrote.

Erotique Press: Please describe what a typical day looks like.

Mina: A typical day in my world:

* 8:00 – 10:00 a.m.—Wake. One cat yells at me for a half hour because she can; the other rolls around prettily for attention. My boyfriend, Joe, and I grunt at each other, trade a kiss, and I breakfast on three coffees and a half a pack of cigarettes. At my desk until about 1:00 or 2:00 p.m. blogging, answering email, compiling galleries or rendering video for updates, checking stats, or building promo content. Twittering way too often throughout.
* Monday - Wednesday afternoons—Lunch, shower, dress, do whatever housework might be necessary or say "to hell with it" and step out with a girlfriend for shopping or coffee. Think about supper and sometimes even cook some.
* Thursday - Sunday (when Joe is home to work on own sites)—Could shoot content for my own sites (and have sex…we almost always have sex in the afternoons); he's my photographer as well as the photographer for his own work. Could go back to my office to work some more while he shoots models for his own sites, then wander out to interview one if he needs me to. Could just have sex. Could run errands, visit family, go for a walk....these days are rather liquid.
* Most evenings—Dinner (my cooking, Joe's cooking, or we order out). Movies (we watch an assload of movies). Lately, watching the NHL Playoffs! Could step out with a girlfriend myself. We could be out as a couple with our own friends or visiting family. Very rarely will I be in my office in the evenings, although I will frequently check my cams, email, and Twitter.
* 10:00 p.m. – midnight—Watch the news (we're love the news), off to bed, where I'll read until I'm sleepy, and Joe will conk out with a movie and an earplug on his laptop.

My days are rather rigidly scheduled, but for me, working from home requires strict time management, or I can't get anything done.

EP: Your website says that you have 12 webcams in your home. Was it hard to get used to having so much exposure? Are there ever times you wish you had more privacy?

Mina: At first, I was definitely really aware of them but also very excited by them. I'd wanted spycams in my home for years and was just thrilled when it finally happened. I never felt self-conscious really but felt that I should almost "try" to be "interesting." I got over that and relaxed very quickly though, especially once feedback began to roll in about how much my site members enjoyed being able to watch me do the simplest things. However, to this day, I almost unconsciously "maximize" the view whenever possible—standing in a certain spot in a room, being properly turned toward a camera, making sure the lights are on when they need to be, etc.—all almost unconsciously.

Now, I'm so used to them, that even with the sound on (most evenings EST after we no longer have to worry about drop-ins or the phone), I hardly notice them at all. I'll often have to pause a second to try to remember if the sound is on or not.

I never feel I've "given up" my privacy, more as though friends are watching over me or spending the day with me. A lot of my site members have been with me for literally years and years, and many have actually become friends, and when we've got something fun going on (either because we're having sex, or shooting, or just had a funny moment), I always enjoy the thought that they've seen it, am proud of it, and hope they were entertained.

For those very few times I actually do have to take a private moment (which is pretty much only for the most dire/disgusting of personal situations: an argument with Joe, or if I'm crying or using the bathroom—hey, we all do these things right? LOL. I just can't feel comfortable yet sharing those things with the world.), I simply disconnect that cam for the duration of the event. I was very clear from day 1 that if I needed to shut the spycams down for any reason (which is also if we have visitors that include children), I will do so with no hesitation. My house, my rules. My site members have always shown total respect for that, and they trust me to re-connect as soon as I'm able to again.

EP: The models on your blog look very different. What distinguishes them as beautiful?

Mina: My standards of beauty...well, really, here I have to say "we" because they're Joe's for his sites—but we both feel the same, and this is why he asked these women to pose...are more based on personality and how a person projects and presents herself. Personality and sensuality will always come through and will always be a factor in someone's attractiveness.

We also feel that every woman is beautiful because of her individuality, because of what's different about her. The standard cookie-cutter visual image of beauty can be very sexy, sure....for about five minutes. Then, we start looking for personality, a sense of humour, and how she presents and projects herself. A sexy look does not always accurately indicate sensuality. Without personality and intelligence to back it, the most gorgeous person in the world could well be the most boring. Sexuality comes from within. And whoever has it knows how to wear it and project it. Whoever doesn't, can't, and looks alone are not enough.

EP: Do you read erotic fiction? What types of erotic stories do you prefer?

Mina: I'm a raging horror fan, so I don't always read as much "pure" erotica as I'd like, but when I do, I find I'm most entertained by group sex and gangbang scenarios, based around strong women who know what they want, with lots of explicit imagery. The dirtier, then better.

When you are not working, how do you explore romance and sensuality?

Because my work provides such a great outlet for fantasy and exploration, in the last couple of years, I've actually found my sex life becoming more simplistic. I'm internalizing more...Joe and I are very quiet and low-key about it. Lots of eye contact...a very slow build up of sexual tension that moves to action with almost no need for discussion, verbalizing, or anything at all. It's almost psychic. We both just seem to "know" when it should happen and without words know what the other person wants but, at same time, are rather greedy about doing what we want. We use each other thoughtlessly but with perfect trust.

EP: How do you have spend a day off?

Mina: I rarely actually take full days off. Every day begins with at least two hours at my desk, even Sundays. But on the few days I actually do consciously decide to get out of the office and stay out, it could be lots of things:

* spring, summer, or fall (we can't STAND winter and hate to go out in it) go to a public park, wander around, go for a hike, or if it really IS summer, to the local nude beach and just relax in the sun. Or go for a drive, looking for secluded spots to shoot just for fun, for creativity's sake as opposed to because we "need" content, and to have sex. We love outdoor sex.
* have sex
* spend the day with family
* hit the local video store and buy too many dvds
* more rarely, I'll spend the entire day on the couch with Joe watching movies, but it's actually really difficult for me to sit down during the day. I'm always go, go, go and can never get out of the house enough.
* even more rarely, I'll wait till Joe's at work, then spend the day on the couch by myself, gluttonously consuming horror movies

For great blogs and to see Mina in action, make sure you visit one of her sites!

Watch Mina at and

Follow Mina's blog at

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


The Internet has opened up a whole new erotic world to all of us. To seek out great erotic books, art, and films, people were once relegated to back alleys, seedy book stores and smoke-filled stag parties…and chances are, no “girls” were allowed in the boys’ club. Readers who truly appreciated great erotica had to be satisfied with a handful of “classics,” such as the stories of the masterful Anais Nin and the bawdier works of D. H. Lawrence.

This began to change in the 1970s, when porn movies such as Behind the Green Door, The Devil In Miss Jones, and Deep Throat were considered somewhat mainstream and shown in “respectable” theaters. The invention of the VCR brought erotic viewing into the home, though the best place to see a decent selection of erotic titles was the back room of the video store, behind the “adults only” curtain. God forbid your mailman or your mother-in-law should catch you coming out from that curtain!

Then came the Internet, which delivers the very good, the bad and the ugly to readers, viewers and listeners in the privacy of our own…wherever, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. For lovers of the written word, there are a number of quality erotica sites available to non-subscribers, totally free. Among my favorites are and More specific sites cater to a wide range of tastes, from lesbian/gay/bisexual/transsexual to sites that appeal in interests in “pony play” (yep, one of you dresses up like and acts like a horse) to clown porn. Fans of television series and movies even get together to write “slash” fiction about their favorite characters and share it on the World Wide Web. If you can imagine it, there’s probably an erotica site out there about it.

In books, erotic fiction is a “hot” publishing trend, though people still tend to be “closet” readers. The advent of the e-book makes quality erotic books available quickly and easily…and the prices are extremely reasonable, especially compared to a new paperback from a chain bookstore. And you can get an e-book without even leaving home! You can also carry it around with you on devices like Amazon’s Kindle, making the erotic e-book portable. Just don’t get too carried away on your morning commute.

Great e-books from both established and upcoming erotica writers can be found on Amazon, on sites like, and of course, publishers’ websites like Erotique Press.

The Internet also makes person-to-person contact easier. From tame matchmaker websites like eHarmony to websites designed for one-night hook-ups, the Internet allows us to meet people we might never encounter by chance. Sometimes this can go remarkably well. Of course, it can also go quite badly. After a recent high-profile killing linked to its “Erotic Services” section, discontinued taking “Erotic Services” ads. They do, however, continue to take ads for “Adult Services.” Some consider this a form of prostitution, with massage parlors promising customers a rub-down with a “happy ending.” Others contend Craig’s List is merely providing an entrepreneur with willing, and satisfied, customers, and that people who want these services will find them with or without technological help.

Even if you’re not the type to seek out specifically “erotic” websites, though, technological spices to add to your sex life are at the palm of your hand, or a social networking site away.

We’re now used to cell phones that do a whole lot more than make mere phone calls. Any cell worth its bill has a camera phone, and it didn’t take long for cell phone users to invent sexting, or sending sexually explicit photos to one another by camera phone. True, sexting is a terrible idea for the under-18 crowd, and it’s a bad idea to send a sexy photo to someone who might not want to receive it. But between consenting adults, a lunchtime photo of your breasts taken in the bathroom might be just the thing your boyfriend needs to get through his work day. And if he sends you back a partially nude shot of his cute little bum, so much the better.

Facebook doesn’t allow explicit photos…no nipples, for example. It does, however, leave the window wide open for creative, erotically-charged photos, provocative postings, and naughty applications. Want to flirt? Send the guy or girl a “lollipop request,” and they get a notification asking them if they’d like to lick your lollipop. Send your horny guy or lesbian friends a photo from the “Girls Kiss Girls” gift app, and they receive a steamy pixilated kiss. Even the ubiquitous Superpoke! app boasts a few flirty phrases. Just remember, those FB apps get posted where your friends and, possibly, family will see them, so you may want to think twice before friending Grandma, lest she see you’ve just flung thongs at 21 people.

The possibilities of techno-erotica are as numerous as the stars in the sky, or the fantasies in your risqué little brains.

Erin O’Riordan
Look for the orally-fixated schoolgirl fantasy “Bomb Pop,” coming soon from Erotique Press!

Monday, June 1, 2009

On The Fly!

Good morning, mes amies! I am on the run, as usual, and wanted to check in to see how everyone's doing today... I'm thinking about sex and technology, and aside from the usual, I can't see anything interesting enough to blog about. I mean, sex is as old as humanity; man and woman have never needed anything to make it happen, right?

Sure, there are all kinds of electronic devices and toys (see past blog about same); there are definitely chemical innovations, ranging from the almighty "pill" to his-and-hers lubricants, all brought to us by modern innovations through technology. But still...

That magic, that human chemistry that creates all the buzz and excitement and, dare I say? Ecstasy! We just don't really require much else, now do we!?

Off to seduce a prince or two. Will check in later...



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