Monday, June 8, 2009

Consider the Lowly Female Foot from Lois Bonde

Consider the lowly female foot.

It gets walked all over and that does nothing for its reputation.
It puts on beautiful high heels and we wonder why it complains.
It gets decorated with polish and then we hide it most often.
It demands good care and cleaning or it raises a stink.
It works hard and wears skin out only to have it sanded off.
It kicks soccer balls for kids' practice and stands in lines for hours without thanks.
It tiptoes bare to check on an ill child and walks fussy babies so everyone else can sleep and all it gets is cold.
It gets toes stubbed though it never deserved such punishment.
It is stepped on enough to grow larger throughout life without any appreciation.
It shows through holes in socks and gets rewarded with blisters.
It leans to the side in worn out shoes and then gets criticized and hurt for leaning.
Its real size is constricted to be more attractive, no matter what her height.

Yes, consider the lowly female foot.

It walks on cloud nine when the right man smiles.
It gets you into his arms at a run when you see him.
It signals other parts of the body to react wet and wild when it is massaged and rubbed with lotion after a long day.
It provides an erotic view when you're reclining and he lifts it.
It can curl around his legs to rub and encourage and direct.
It keeps us grounded but lets us soar to fulfill our life's dreams.

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Anabel Blue said...

Ooh, I like this post! I never thought about all that foot stuff. And I even have a Ped-Egg, LOL!

I especially like the part about reclining and having the foot lifted, massaged, rubbed with lotion... oooh la la! :)