Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Erotic Romance: More Than Just Thrusts and Beats

One of Ms. Anabel’s gentlemen friends is really into video sex. She hesitates to use the “P” word, because it offends many. Still, it’s fairly hard-core porn and she sometimes thinks it would work well as sex education material. Someone mentioned “insert Tab A into Slot B” and, well, that’s basically it, accompanying by hard-thumping sex music, each thrust timed to each beat, of course. Story? Ha!

But Etienne has a couple of DVD’s that Anabel actually likes. They are the ones with a story. They usually start out with a couple locking eyes across the room at a party, and the She of them starts having trouble with her date, they argue, and she takes off into the night on the beach. Then the He of the story notices, and slips out the back door in pursuit.

The He is sympathetic, and attentive. The ocean breeze is blowing, he offers his jacket, but the She doesn’t wear it for long because he has enticed her into a little mini-orgy on the sand. Oh yeah, She points those 4 inch clear Lucite stilettos toward the starry sky and next thing you know, Slot B is welcoming Tab A. Music is more dreamy, and kisses more passionate, less violent. Afterward, newly bonded couple is seen walking in the dawn light, romantic, sated, all shades of afterglow. He is carrying her killer shoes, she is again wearing his sexy jacket.

Why does Anabel prefer this video over the others? Story. Emotion. Beginning, middle, satisfying end. This is erotic romance.

Etienne humors Anabel by playing this video first. While he prefers the “let’s get it on” momentum of the aforementioned play-by-play discs, he understands her need for substance and plot. Because, after all, Anabel is a woman whose sexual power is channeled through, and heightened by, emotion.

Love, Anabel

--who hopes your nights are filled with more than just slots and tabs...

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What gets you hot?


Anonymous said...

Anabel...AWESOME! I'm digging it :)


Anabel Blue said...

Don't you just *love* those kinky shoes?

Angela Lee said...

I admire any woman who can walk in stilettos and make it look hot as well as easy! Nicely done. I could SEE this couple. Maybe even be half of it...