Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Hot and Cold of It

Everything seems to be heightened in summer. Heightened excitement, since we are finally able to enjoy our favorite summer activities, like watching the fireworks on the fourth of July. Heightened anticipation of what can happen on a sultry summer night. Heightened senses, like savoring the taste of local watermelon or inhaling the scent of coconut suntan lotion.

And for that reason, we seem to feel things a lot more. We can feel every grain of sand beneath our feet, feel every breeze that wraps around our body as we lay in the hammock, feel every degree of the heat as we bake in the mid-day sun. Those sensations are even further heightened when they are placed with a sensation that is opposite, like stepping from a warm concrete sidewalk onto soft, dewy grass.

Hands down, my favorite juxtaposition of sensations is the sweltering summer heat and a cold ice cube. The heat bears down on you in a way you feel no other time of year, so just a hint of the ice is pure pleasure. And it's even better when you can play with a partner.

If you are a bit tentative, play with the ice cube in your mouth first. Take it out, trace your cold tongue along his lips, then lean in for a shocking kiss. Or leave it in your mouth and blow a chilly breeze across his warmed skin. Where you do that is up to you.

And the sensations can get even more intense. Let the ice start to melt between your finger tips, then drip it on your partner's skin, allowing the freezing drops to make their way down the nape of her neck, across his chest, or over her stomach. And when you see you have their attention--and you can see the anticipation in their eyes--pop the ice cube back in your mouth. Alternate dragging it between your teeth, blowing cold air over their skin, and licking a trail of icy goodness with your frozen tongue as they recline in the sun.

Don't underestimate the power of rubbing it over your own skin as they watch, either. There is nothing wrong with a little sensation for yourself while getting your partner's attention, which you are guaranteed to do while playing with an ice cube.

Just relax, enjoy, and have fun. Relish this sexy season we are beginning. Summer is all too short, too fleeting...but this early on, you still have a choice what you take from it: either sensual memories or a pocket full of sand. I'm going to opt for the memories.

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Angela Lee said...

Whoo-hoo! That gives SO many layers to the phrase "on the rocks." NICE.