Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sole Seduction

Okay, this post is going up late, and I am overwriting someone else, but I was scheduled for yesterday and I missed it due to sore feet. No kidding. Being a new diabetic, I have been informed of the risks my feet are facing. How in the hell is this sexy you ask? Well, as my dietitian and diabetes specialist informed me, "This is how you make diabetes sexy, and get foreplay from your spouse." You simply make foot health a team sport.

The feet, tender little things that they are, take a lot of stress during the day. They get you from place to place, things get dropped on them, and they get abused by table and chair legs galore. No wonder they need such tender loving care.

My husband is wonderful, truly. He checks my feet for me now, every day. He starts with my toes, inspecting each one while he gently rubs and massages. He is very good with his thumbs so I am particularly pleased when he uses the pads of his thumbs to push upward from the tip of my toes to the top of my foot. Once he gives the all clear, the fun really begins.

A little bit of Tree Hut Shea Body Butter, Almond & Honey and it's on!

Using the palms of his hands, he kneads the soles of my feet, paying close attention to the balls, while the tips of his other fingers caress the top with long, hard, strokes. That's the part that starts me going.

Once he gets to the arch of my foot, he puts those glorious thumbs back into action as he rubs and strokes, and kneads each and every bare spot. By this point, my eyes are closed and I am in heaven. He works his way up each side of my ankles, inside and out, careful not to press too hard or squeeze too tight, until he gets to wherever it is he is going that night.

I am truly blessed to have such a man in my life, a man who is so in tune with each part of my body, including my feet. A man who not only cares for my health condition, but is willing to do this thing that gives me such pleasure.

The pleasures are often simple, but extreme in satisfaction.

Do you have a simple pleasure that involves your feet? Do you pay enough attention to your feet? Share with us!

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