Thursday, June 11, 2009

What could one add about feet after Lois's wonderful blog entry? As I sit and ponder that perplexing thought, I realize that I hardly ever think about feet unless I'm writing a scene in one of my stories focusing on a man with a foot fetish.

Why, you might be asking yourself. Aside from finding my feet useful because they firmly root me to the ground when I stand, they often cause me a great deal of grief--especially when I need to buy new shoes. According to statistics, the average shoe size for women today is 8-9.
I have become quite intimate with this fact. There are tons of boxes with large sizes underneath the shoe displays. When I look for my size, which is a 6, I can usually locate a single box. Inside there is usually one shoe. The other one is on diplay getting shopworn. Stores don't stock too many small sizes and if you come later in the season, you're out of luck.

I actually am lucky when I consider my husband's predicament. He has to order shoes from a special store because he wears a size 12AAA. I guess we were meant for each other.

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