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The Hottest Technology!

At Erotique Press, we love meeting great people who are open-minded, sexy, and funny. Thanks to Twitter, we get the opportunity to chat with new folks we might not otherwise run in to, simply due to geography. Technology is making our world deliciously smaller, and with regards to technology, this week on our blog, we had decided to talk about technology and sexuality. With that in mind, we decided to interview one of our favorite new people, Mina, who owns adult web sites.

When I first tweeted with Mina, I just liked how witty she was. Then, of course, I had to go to her blog. The blog is sexy and really interesting, but what made me smile was when she wrote things like, "We’re a real-life 30-something couple from Montreal, Canada, who each own various porn sites and love exhibiting our desire for each other and erotica itself to the internet. Aside from how we felt about each other when we met, we knew our goals and work would blend perfectly together and we support each other any way we can" and "As I’ve said many times before, getting naked on the internet is the least of what I do—I’m not a paid model, I’m a web mistress." That being said, Mina is a knock-out and is very good at all the portions of her job! I just knew she'd be a great interview for our blog. Here is what she wrote.

Erotique Press: Please describe what a typical day looks like.

Mina: A typical day in my world:

* 8:00 – 10:00 a.m.—Wake. One cat yells at me for a half hour because she can; the other rolls around prettily for attention. My boyfriend, Joe, and I grunt at each other, trade a kiss, and I breakfast on three coffees and a half a pack of cigarettes. At my desk until about 1:00 or 2:00 p.m. blogging, answering email, compiling galleries or rendering video for updates, checking stats, or building promo content. Twittering way too often throughout.
* Monday - Wednesday afternoons—Lunch, shower, dress, do whatever housework might be necessary or say "to hell with it" and step out with a girlfriend for shopping or coffee. Think about supper and sometimes even cook some.
* Thursday - Sunday (when Joe is home to work on own sites)—Could shoot content for my own sites (and have sex…we almost always have sex in the afternoons); he's my photographer as well as the photographer for his own work. Could go back to my office to work some more while he shoots models for his own sites, then wander out to interview one if he needs me to. Could just have sex. Could run errands, visit family, go for a walk....these days are rather liquid.
* Most evenings—Dinner (my cooking, Joe's cooking, or we order out). Movies (we watch an assload of movies). Lately, watching the NHL Playoffs! Could step out with a girlfriend myself. We could be out as a couple with our own friends or visiting family. Very rarely will I be in my office in the evenings, although I will frequently check my cams, email, and Twitter.
* 10:00 p.m. – midnight—Watch the news (we're love the news), off to bed, where I'll read until I'm sleepy, and Joe will conk out with a movie and an earplug on his laptop.

My days are rather rigidly scheduled, but for me, working from home requires strict time management, or I can't get anything done.

EP: Your website says that you have 12 webcams in your home. Was it hard to get used to having so much exposure? Are there ever times you wish you had more privacy?

Mina: At first, I was definitely really aware of them but also very excited by them. I'd wanted spycams in my home for years and was just thrilled when it finally happened. I never felt self-conscious really but felt that I should almost "try" to be "interesting." I got over that and relaxed very quickly though, especially once feedback began to roll in about how much my site members enjoyed being able to watch me do the simplest things. However, to this day, I almost unconsciously "maximize" the view whenever possible—standing in a certain spot in a room, being properly turned toward a camera, making sure the lights are on when they need to be, etc.—all almost unconsciously.

Now, I'm so used to them, that even with the sound on (most evenings EST after we no longer have to worry about drop-ins or the phone), I hardly notice them at all. I'll often have to pause a second to try to remember if the sound is on or not.

I never feel I've "given up" my privacy, more as though friends are watching over me or spending the day with me. A lot of my site members have been with me for literally years and years, and many have actually become friends, and when we've got something fun going on (either because we're having sex, or shooting, or just had a funny moment), I always enjoy the thought that they've seen it, am proud of it, and hope they were entertained.

For those very few times I actually do have to take a private moment (which is pretty much only for the most dire/disgusting of personal situations: an argument with Joe, or if I'm crying or using the bathroom—hey, we all do these things right? LOL. I just can't feel comfortable yet sharing those things with the world.), I simply disconnect that cam for the duration of the event. I was very clear from day 1 that if I needed to shut the spycams down for any reason (which is also if we have visitors that include children), I will do so with no hesitation. My house, my rules. My site members have always shown total respect for that, and they trust me to re-connect as soon as I'm able to again.

EP: The models on your blog look very different. What distinguishes them as beautiful?

Mina: My standards of beauty...well, really, here I have to say "we" because they're Joe's for his sites—but we both feel the same, and this is why he asked these women to pose...are more based on personality and how a person projects and presents herself. Personality and sensuality will always come through and will always be a factor in someone's attractiveness.

We also feel that every woman is beautiful because of her individuality, because of what's different about her. The standard cookie-cutter visual image of beauty can be very sexy, sure....for about five minutes. Then, we start looking for personality, a sense of humour, and how she presents and projects herself. A sexy look does not always accurately indicate sensuality. Without personality and intelligence to back it, the most gorgeous person in the world could well be the most boring. Sexuality comes from within. And whoever has it knows how to wear it and project it. Whoever doesn't, can't, and looks alone are not enough.

EP: Do you read erotic fiction? What types of erotic stories do you prefer?

Mina: I'm a raging horror fan, so I don't always read as much "pure" erotica as I'd like, but when I do, I find I'm most entertained by group sex and gangbang scenarios, based around strong women who know what they want, with lots of explicit imagery. The dirtier, then better.

When you are not working, how do you explore romance and sensuality?

Because my work provides such a great outlet for fantasy and exploration, in the last couple of years, I've actually found my sex life becoming more simplistic. I'm internalizing more...Joe and I are very quiet and low-key about it. Lots of eye contact...a very slow build up of sexual tension that moves to action with almost no need for discussion, verbalizing, or anything at all. It's almost psychic. We both just seem to "know" when it should happen and without words know what the other person wants but, at same time, are rather greedy about doing what we want. We use each other thoughtlessly but with perfect trust.

EP: How do you have spend a day off?

Mina: I rarely actually take full days off. Every day begins with at least two hours at my desk, even Sundays. But on the few days I actually do consciously decide to get out of the office and stay out, it could be lots of things:

* spring, summer, or fall (we can't STAND winter and hate to go out in it) go to a public park, wander around, go for a hike, or if it really IS summer, to the local nude beach and just relax in the sun. Or go for a drive, looking for secluded spots to shoot just for fun, for creativity's sake as opposed to because we "need" content, and to have sex. We love outdoor sex.
* have sex
* spend the day with family
* hit the local video store and buy too many dvds
* more rarely, I'll spend the entire day on the couch with Joe watching movies, but it's actually really difficult for me to sit down during the day. I'm always go, go, go and can never get out of the house enough.
* even more rarely, I'll wait till Joe's at work, then spend the day on the couch by myself, gluttonously consuming horror movies

For great blogs and to see Mina in action, make sure you visit one of her sites!

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