Monday, July 13, 2009

Luxuriously Lazy

There are days when you simply can’t imagine doing anything past getting out of bed. Now, if I had my choice, I’d spend the day in bed. But sometimes you have to get up. But in anticipation of my lazy mood, my lover would bring me breakfast in bed. Being the considerate mate that he is, he would definitely stay to help me clean my plate. I mean seriously, who wants to feed themselves fresh strawberries and blueberries.

And what happens if I dribble a bit of OJ down my chin? I can’t be expected to handle such a crisis on my own. It would be much more effective if my lover were to gently slide his warm tongue along the curve of my chin to lick the errant line of juice.

Fine, I can’t stay in bed all day, so I force myself out of bed and head for the shower. We’ll call my lover M.

M lays a towel on the counter for me and steps into the stream of scorching water behind me. As I stand facing the wall, the spray of warmth cascades down m face and drips along my shoulders, sending a shiver along my spine that is simply delicious. He moves in close and slowly slips his arms around me, caressing me in all the spots that I love to be touched. Hips lips brush against my neck and I actually tremble from the way it affects me. I lean back against him and let his fingers wander where they will, kneading and pinching, tweaking and teasing. My eyelids slowly slip down and I feel my body physically sigh with the total feeling of ecstasy.

As the water begins to cool, I shiver from the loss of warmth. M fills his palm with the silky gel, scented with vanilla and honey. He begins at my toes and meticulously rubs the satiny foam against my skin, lathering and massaging every single quivering inch of my body. AS the water turn dangerously cold, he splashes the water against me, rinsing the soap and teasing me with soft kisses before wrapping his arms around me. Quickly he turns the water off and wraps a large fluffy warm towel around my body and leads me back to the bedroom.

Once he has me propped back up in bed, he hands me my iPod and disappears. Some time later he returns with a tray of food fit for a queen. All my favorite foods, comfort foods. While I read on my iPod and graze the contents of the tray, M fills his hands with lotion and begins to massage my foot. As he rubs his thumbs against my flesh, it thrills me how the lotion makes his hands slick, giving his fingers an erotic intensity that leaves me nearly breathless. I don’t know when it happens, but I fall asleep as he continues to rub up my calves.

When I awake several hours later, there is a cup of tea and a note that says, “I love you.” I call for him as I realize it is nearly time to go to bed for the night.

He comes in and I watch him strip down to the beautiful nakedness that I truly admire. I sigh as he slips under the covers next to me and pulls me close against him and whispers goodnight as his hands begin another sensual journey.

(c)Karen L. Syed


Marvin D Wilson said...

Secksaaaay! Sweet dreams - well ... after, that is. :)

The Old Silly

Z. Vyne said...

I'm with you. All day in bed is the perfect way to spend a lazy day.

Fun stuff! Thanks for posting.

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