Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Who do you like to read about in your erotic romances? by Lois Bonde

She had to finish the article, but she couldn't concentrate. She could hear the plumber working in the bath behind her. Now there was a man she would like to do more than read about.

Okay, back to the article: Who? Who?

The farmer who couldn't keep his hands off his wife, so he fired them?
The male nurse who made the patient without disturbing the bed?

He dropped a wrench into his bag of tools, and she jumped. Relax and think.

The fellow who lost his girl friend because he forgot where he laid her?
The frustrated musician who's flute went flat right in the middle of "My Fair Lady"?
The coffee bean that wouldn't try a new position because he preferred the old grind?

She heard the water turn on. She hoped he ran it a good long time to make sure the drain worked. A picture of him naked in her shower flashed into her mind.

The article. The article.
The diaphram who aspired to be a midnight trampoline?
The sleepy guy who couldn't stay awake for a second?
The high salaried movie producer who was always trying to make a little extra (She was a blonde.)?

The water turned off.

The truck driver who broke his arm when he pulled out to avoid a child and fell off the sofa?
The deliveryman who was late to the third floor because he got a little behind on the second?

She didn't hear him walk up behind her.

"The shower works fine."

Startled, she sat up straight. He was so close that her shoulder pressed against him. He grew hard under the pressure. She turned slowly and discovered he was naked. Drops of water glistened all over his body.

"It works very well," she noted.

The article was all wrong so far. Not the farmer, not the musician, not even the movie producer.

The plumber.

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Anabel Blue said...

Delightful! Love the imagery...
Especially the drops of water glistening...


Angela Lee said...

One of the hottest short stories I ever read had to do with a plumber. What is it about those guys? The dipping jeans? The tools? The way they know the ins and outs of - excuse me I'm off to get my fan.