Friday, July 17, 2009

You Know You Want Them…

Yeah…we said it. You know you wanna read some of those steamy titles from Erotique Press this summer. Play our sexy scavenger hunt, and you'll be enjoying those delicious titles on of a flash drive before your end-of-summer barbeque. Here's how.

Below, you'll find a list of our current Erotique Press authors (and a friends of ours!). Visit the website we send you to and briefly answer a question or perform an action.

Then, pick your five favorite books from our catalog to download on your flash drive if you win! You'll find our titles at . Choose any of our selections from Erin O'Riordan, Zander Vyne, Angela Lee, Anabel Blue, Lois Bonde, Sarah Storme, or Candy Caine!

After you complete each piece of the scavenger hunt & pick your books, type your answers up in the body of your email to us ( Submit it to us no later than July 29 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

All entries that are complete and accurate will be put into a drawing to be held on August 3, 2009. One winner will receive a flash drive of their five favorite stories!

1. Visit (and follow!) Erin O'Riordan on Twitter at Who has a "Stupid band name, great song"?

2. Read "The Hothouse," a post on Zander Vyne's blog at What fruit does Beth give Alan?

3. Go to Angela Lee's blog at Read "All-day Tease." At what time does the last phone call occur?

4. Visit Anabel Blue's blog at Leave a comment for her on the "Swimming Nekkid" post.

5. How many hearts did Lois Bonde's story get on her review? Find out at

6. Read an interview with Sarah Storme on Fallen Angels Review at What is one way she spends her free time?

7. Where did Candy Caine go on her road trip?

8. What is the featured product of the day on the blog for our friends at Find it at

9. Friend us on Facebook and write something!

10. Follow us on Twitter at and tweet us the way you best like to spend a lazy day.


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All these are super erotic Reads :) Sure to make for "ONE HOT NIGHT" !!