Saturday, June 13, 2009

Soleful Sensuality

Maybe it's just me, but I think feet can be one of the most sensual parts of body. Yes, I mean sensual in a sexual way—which can most certainly be fun!—but also sensual in the way of just awakening the senses or giving physical sensation. Not that the two are ever really independent of each other…sometimes awakening the senses is also awakening the whole body, which is an important part of sexuality, too.

Take, for example, being at the beach in the summer. The very first thing I do when I arrive is remove my shoes. Granted, I am barefoot as much as I can be each day, but there is something delicious about removing my shoes and walking through the sand. At first, it's hot, and the heat immediately warms my feet, but the sand can also be soft and powdery, offering resistance, wrapping around my foot like a warm massage. After I drop my towel, water, and sunscreen in a quiet area, I immediately head for the shoreline. There is a line on the beach where the waves have hit the shore, and in a matter of a single step, I leave the hot, soft sand and step into the cool, wet sand. My feet leave perfect footprint that wash away as the water comes in, removing any trace that one bit of earth has ever been touched by humans. I walk to the water, go in ankle deep at first, judging the temperature of the water, relishing the chill that washes through me when the water is cold on a summer day. A wave comes in, soaking me to my calves, and when it recedes, the water is drawn out of the sand, and I sink in, just a little. Then, when I'm done swimming, after I've kicked about in the waves and ridden them out, I head back to my towel and dig my toes in the hot sand again, loving the grittiness of grains stuck to my wet feet.

There are so many sensations we get from our feet from slipping on those fuzzy socks in the winter, from playing outside in the rain in the mud, from stimulation we receive from a great soak before a pedicure. Just don't get me started on foot massages. We could end up being here for hours.

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